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  1. That really depends on your personal situation . I'm capable of doing both in my case. Going to Germany and if a date in the Netherlands gets added, I'll go again. There are A LOT of huge gaps in the tour, and I cannot imagine that this is all in Europe, however you'll never know. As an example, during the AHFOD tour their first europe leg had (spoiler because length):
  2. It could be a few weeks, or a few months when the first leg has started. Usually when they add new dates for the exact same venue, it's during sales. (they wait for it to sell out before announcing another date, that way more people in a queue get a chance to visit them). During AHFOD they did the first large batch, and mid-tour announced more dates in the next year. It may also be a difference between stadiums and fields / other venues. This would for example be the Stadium leg, and later they add other venues that are not considered a stadium.
  3. Sorry this maybe a little off-topic but this tweet got me thinking about the Xylobands thing again. Those wristbands seen on the iheartradio show had writing on them saying they were recycled plastic, with Xylobands confirming on twitter those aren't their product. Those seen on iheartradio were also really uncomfortable according to some people. I always thought Coldplay had a fair share of involvement in the Xylobands brand, owning the trademarks at one point as well. During worthy farm, they used a massive set of lights on the grass, which looked very much like the Xylobands Orbs, seen
  4. The only way that would work is MOTS vol. 2 in 2022, MOTS vol. 3 in 2023, FFTF in 2024. Would fit the 12 album theory chris said on the radio a few days back, but wouldn't fit the "We'll keep on touring after we finished writing new songs" from that same interview.
  5. It's been a global release for Everyday Life as well, so I see no reason why they would've changed it.
  6. They didn't order via the Coldplay official store. Some stores just ship stuff as soon as they have them in stock.
  7. The warner store is for all I know mostly the same as the official store. I don't think the official store ships anything before the release date.
  8. I looked at the US Store just a few minutes ago and managed to order one. Completely sold out in EUstore though. If you're in the EU but still want one, use a vpn to get to the US store.
  9. I did find it, but was basically ready something like that at launch, and got it ordered within the first few minutes. Link is at the bottom if you need it, but for me it says sold out. It is the EU store, but you can probably change eustore to whatever store coldplay.com auto-redirects you to. https://eustore.coldplay.com/products/infinity-x-everything-bundle-eu
  10. Apparently the PC and mobile interface show something different. PC (web) shows only Higher Power length as well as total
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