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  1. This screams Amex Unstaged (madrid 2011) to me. Edit on oct 14: I didn't realise they played at ACL festival in 2011, and that this is just a rebroadcast of a couple of songs from that performance. The Amy Winehouse Rehab intro was also used during Amex Unstaged in madrid, which is why I thought it could be part of that concert.
  2. Whilst https://coldplayofficialukshop.com/ has been saying "opening soon" for months now, the shop you actually go to when clicking on the link on their website never did (at least for me).
  3. I don't think so, looking at other pictures online there are more iHeartRadio Music Festival posters with a space themed background.
  4. Yeah that's what I was suggesting, however I'm not sure it matches the july 10th moon phase.
  5. Looking at those moons, I'm only able to think of one thing it could indicate. Obviously, they are just the regular phases of the moon and change with the moon's actual phase. IF the moons will indicate something, it's not going to be just those moons. The tab icon / favicon for the coldplay website has changed to the shape of the moon recently. To me, this matches the 6th moon the closest (the next phase, not the one that's currently active). To me, that would be the only reasonably logical moment to announce something. The moon phases themselves have been there since AHFOD, but certainly not before. It would be weird if just the phases will indicate something which they planned for back in the AHFOD webdesign stage.
  6. On mobile, for me it shows on the homepage all the way at the bottom, just above the copyright and below their links to instagram, facebook, ect.
  7. That could be interesting, however that would mean they have to change it daily, since the 20th birthday of parachutes is on july 10th. They would have basically started a day too early and have it change to parachutes on the 9th.
  8. I don't really look at the timeline that often, but could it be that it is just because we're still in 2020? I'd image it could have said '2019 - ' before, but I don't know for sure. If that is the case then it is certainly strange they would put 2020 there if nothing else has been announced.
  9. Yeah they could, however using waybackmachine, there is one date of which a snapshot was saved. 21st of sept 2019. Only shows old merch from before everyday life era.
  10. Strange, it's only the coldplayofficialukshop.com website that's under maintenace. Not the shop.coldplay.com website. Also an interesting thing is that the 'officialukshop' still has the a head full of dreams flower of life as favicon. I'll do some more digging to see if i can find any more information on that 'official uk shop', considering shop.coldplay.com just offers everything in pounds for me
  11. I wouldn't like a cover album either, but I just remembered the little clip they released. Which sounded a lot like one of the charlie chaplin songs
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