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  1. 3.42 is just the length of the complete song though. If this length was deliberate, it was deliberate back in 2008/9 but not in this screenshot.
  2. I've also spotted something less positive in all these trademarks. Apparently Music of the Spheres trademark on Justia (which was filed back in 2018) is going to be suspended, or they've been requesting suspension? I'm not very knowledged in trademarks, but suspension to me never sounds good. https://trademarks.justia.com/880/46/music-of-the-88046174.html
  3. Look at the Date Registered, 1994, I doubt this has anything to do with Coldplay.
  4. Whilst that's true, the show for the VLV tour started with an overview of earth from space. During the intro for Life in Technicolor they started zooming in on where the concert was being held, ending on being completely zoomed in, and switching to the crowd cam. So the space background during glass of water could also be hooking into that. This can kind of be seen here, albeit missing bits in the beginning.
  5. That livestream certainly was after they released it on Amazon.
  6. on the trademarks.ipo.gov.uk website, it does list some things like clothing, footwear, headgear, as well as things like live performance, flyers, magazines, and the very general Entertainment. Just a thought about MYLO, maybe they're going to be using the xylobands again, or they're going to be rebranded? I don't really see them doing that, as they haven't done it with any other album.
  7. I managed to find another trademark they applied for, according to this website around the same time as they applied for Music of the Spheres and MYLO, all december 2020.
  8. By looking at all the classes and their description / tags, i'd assume just merchandise. Since it has been rumoured that MOTS might be MX2.0, maybe they want to continue the comic, or use parts of that for new merch designs.
  9. It looks like Coldplay's "set" for the ALTer EGO 2021 will only be 5 minutes long, according to the livexlive website
  10. Don't get me wrong, but I think that may just be rebroadcasts, not a new performance.
  11. Why could the timeline not just change on 1st of january to where the everyday life era suddenly shows 2019-2021? They're obviously not going to put 2019-2021 (or any other year after 2020) when it's not even 2021 yet, because that would be a massive giveaway as to when we can expect a new era.
  12. This screams Amex Unstaged (madrid 2011) to me. Edit on oct 14: I didn't realise they played at ACL festival in 2011, and that this is just a rebroadcast of a couple of songs from that performance. The Amy Winehouse Rehab intro was also used during Amex Unstaged in madrid, which is why I thought it could be part of that concert.
  13. Whilst https://coldplayofficialukshop.com/ has been saying "opening soon" for months now, the shop you actually go to when clicking on the link on their website never did (at least for me).
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