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  1. I looked at the US Store just a few minutes ago and managed to order one. Completely sold out in EUstore though. If you're in the EU but still want one, use a vpn to get to the US store.
  2. I did find it, but was basically ready something like that at launch, and got it ordered within the first few minutes. Link is at the bottom if you need it, but for me it says sold out. It is the EU store, but you can probably change eustore to whatever store coldplay.com auto-redirects you to. https://eustore.coldplay.com/products/infinity-x-everything-bundle-eu
  3. Apparently the PC and mobile interface show something different. PC (web) shows only Higher Power length as well as total
  4. IF it's going to be 10 minutes, that leaves 32 minutes for the other 11, according to apple music's 42 minute claim
  5. Coldplay have added an official kaotican generator to their website, including a downloadable font. https://www.coldplay.com/kaotican/
  6. Acoustic version of Higher Power out in some parts of the world. Works for me when using australian VPN
  7. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/m000wdqr Radio 1's Big Weekend performance in full (audio only)
  8. Personally think we've already heard Music of the Spheres. My guess is that it's the intro song with the robotic voice from their Glasto performance.
  9. It's now free to watch at: https://watch.glastonburyfestivals.co.uk/livestream-1/backup/livestream1.html They were having issues with codes not working, so they just removed all code access.
  10. I mean doing 100+ 2 hour long shows surely takes its toll on a voice, but I much prefer a set that's 1h30m instead of 2h if it means everything is live.
  11. For clocks, most performances during the AHFOD tour had at least partial lipsync. For church I think all live performances had lipsync.
  12. They're definitely different. The "I'm like a broken record" is drawn out more on the american idol version.
  13. I assume that's because it's going to have a music video as well, not just the official audio. WMG logo would probably be on that thumbnail.
  14. Very interesting. I was thinking fireworks and confetti would be one of the first things to be left out of shows becuase of their push to be environmentally friendly. Maybe it doesn't count for music videos, or maybe they'll be back to usual extravagant shows like AHFOD and MX
  15. Who knows at this point. Like they said at the end of AHFOD tour: "From now on we're full of surprises". Maybe they've come up with a different or unusual format to releasing/promoting music. Personally loved the MX era because of all the colourful and vibrant shows, just like with AHFOD. They do share the same producer though. Them saying it was written early 2020 sound like this certainly wasn't the first song they've written for this release.
  16. Not entirely true, considering we've had the twisted logic tour, so it could be a very plausable theory.
  17. even the spotify playlist has been renamed to just Coldplay - Higher Power
  18. For everyday life, they at least announced the album together with their single. This is just a single sided single, no b-side, no other information. It could still be announced later, of course, but why not announce you're working on a new album and give it a release frame together with your first single.
  19. What if literally all of this would be for that single, and after the single, they go back into hibernation.
  20. The Ghost Stories version of The Race leaked months ago if I recall correctly
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