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  1. It means peace and love that phrase is on their bakery studio
  2. Look what I’ve found in the top ritgh corner of the poster there’s words on Arabic they’re not clear enough so I can’t translate it but the first two letters says: Children of Adam or also can be translated into Human Thanks to Coldplay Poland for that picture
  3. It maybe and I’m only guessing the first two letters of the name of the new album
  4. They say on the source code a new song I think it’s gonna be neither orphan or Daddy or Everyday Life plus Trouble in Town so basically we now know three titles of the songs on the new album. I guess this track list for something they gonna appear on TV or radio and Trouble in Town maybe our first Single off the album
  5. If that’s the album artwork honestly I’ll be disappointed
  6. Well that would be quite depressing to be honest
  7. Till they officially announce the Album I guess
  8. Yess it’s in the album Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix
  9. So guys what if the name of the album is 22 November, 1919 or the album will be released in 22 November and it’s name is 1919 what do you think ??
  10. Wake up Christopher Nolan it’s highly unlikely
  11. The only thing we got from Kirboh is fake track list and fake name of the album anything else is possible theory so the fool one is Kirboh
  12. The 8 Songs every song talk about something or represents a subject if we combined them it make sense if the album talks about the dark times after WW1 and how LoN failed to prevent another WW.
  13. So the League of Nations formed in 1919 after the WW1 and then failed and couldn’t prevent WW2 what if the album Fools Gold is about the League of Nations
  14. So there’s an eclipse happened in 22 November 1919 as we all know. The thing is the most longest eclipse was happened in Brazil and it lasted for 11 and half minutes which is the same place the posters showed Up
  15. Okay a list of the songs that have a moon and sun in the descriptions: Paradise The Scientist Yellow Up&Up Violet Hill Life in Technicolor ii The Hardest Part A L I E N S So many questions in my mind now if you notice these are 8 songs like the 8 cycles of the moon now why these 8 songs in particular???? Any thoughts
  16. There’s a movie in 1919 called Fools Gold, I don’t know if it has anything to do with the upcoming album or why that name and date in particular.
  17. Do you guys think they will release the 2020 album after Global Citizen fest and we may hear some new music like AHFOD
  18. What if Kirboh was a band member maybe he’s Chris do you remember when Chris announced about AHFOD and the band members got mad at him maybe he’s Kirboh so the band members don’t know about him
  19. there’s a movie in 1919 called fools gold I wonder why that movie in particular anyone have any idea
  20. Guys it’s happening I’m so excited I guess they will start posting those pics on subways so anyone from London should check them and we may end up having something at Friday
  21. I I don’t think that they’re fake at all the man knew what he’s doing
  22. The title of the album is really good can’t wait to see how the album art will look like !!!
  23. Is there's any app I can download to follow up with threads
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