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  1. I think this’s the best closure to an album by them so far. I was afraid that we will get some silent minutes like we did on O lol. Overall this is the best closure to a Coldplay album by far. If we get at least two more songs like this one it’ll be a great album.
  2. Guys please don’t help spread rumors. Don’t give him what he wants. If you saw this just ignore it.
  3. Essam

    Unnamed LP9 Thread

    I love seeing this thread comes back to live again. Let’s go people there’s a new album we have to make new theories about.
  4. Imagine Sunrise ii, That would blow my mind
  5. It’s a really good song. I don’t know why
  6. Essam

    Unnamed LP9 Thread

    What If Music of The Spheres symbol is just like flower of life in AHFOD and doesn’t indicate to anything on the coming album and FFTF 2024 indicates to LP10.
  7. Does anyone have the interview where they explain track by track
  8. That album is really beautiful it has some memorable tracks on it not like any other album they did since MX Sunrise Church Trouble in Town Daddy (who would ever thought that this gonna be one of our favorite songs off the album) Arabesque Guns Orphans Bani Adam Champion of The World Everyday Life Almost every track on the album is memorable with some great music on it. Thanks to Coldplay.
  9. Mrs. Miller on Instagram Anyone know what she’s talking about ??
  10. Well technically it’s a short songs only 2 minutes
  11. It’s interesting that DADDY is a full song we will never know from it’s name if it’s a pop song or experimental one.
  12. Did anyone saw this ???!!!! it’s quite disappointing to have only full 8 songs.
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