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  1. When I saw the triangle for the first time I thought that it could represent the 3 albums I'm still hoping that we are gonna get 3 of them, and not a mix of parts or lp+eps someone is theorizing about. We'll just see
  2. One of the tracks we hear on the chinese site sounds exactly the same as the first part of life is beautiful
  3. Well guys, It could be that I'm a bit drunk or particularly in love with humanity tonight but guess what? Coldplay are the ones we learned to know during the last 20 and more years. We know their value as musicians, singers, performers, sognwriters and so on. And we like them right for those things. Even if I'm a bit disappointed by their poppyish path, I will always recognize that behind their production, there's a huge work of putting toghether ideas, trying them and figure out what could sound like putting those things inside, just like every other musician in the world. But thei
  4. Hi all! I'm another lurker that pops out with new music on the way! Like other hints it seems to me that this quote relates to something that we already thought to know, just until now. I'm not so good at english so I can't follow perfectly all your theories (even if I really appreciate all of them!), but I'm pretty convinced that this fits well with reworked songs.
  5. hi guys! it's always a pleasure to wait a new lp with you and read all your theories. I have a question: I'm not so good with english and probably I missed a part of the discussion, so why are you all talking about a project that will surely contain old unreleased song? What are the clues that say that in a clear way? Thank you, an hug to all of you 🙂
  6. With my 'always noone' I was referring just to you :)
  7. Oh, I forgot! The wedding band seems to be more a cover band than a complex that composes new music
  8. Hi all guys! I'm a old lurker here, new member. I registered because I want to give my 2 cents to that beautiful collective wait and cause it seems like almost noone has seriously considered the hypotesis of an album with reworked songs. I find really strange the operation that they've done changing in b/w the Youtube icons for those videos and put the sun & moon only in their relative descriptions. Why? If we exclude that has something to do with those specific songs, it seems to me a strange choice because it only is an aesthetic thing that brings useless references to the past and could
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