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  1. Coldplay was still relevant during the AHFOD era. If you check the numbers at kworb.net, their singles were pretty successful world wide. AOAL and HFTW got more than 2 billion views combined on Youtube, and the album is one of the most streamed albums on spotify from that year (2015). I just think that one year in music feels way longer nowdays. With streaming services, people can listen to many different artists without even having to rely on radio or TV. Talent is more easy to discover and become viral, so there is more competition to get the attention of the general audience. Just look
  2. Not only is it better, but also it wouldn't be flopping as bad as Orphans on Top 40 radio and streaming services. I mean, I don't despise Orphans. It has some great elements. The production is incredible like the rest of the album; The bass is glorious (one if not the best in a Coldplay song), and the lyrics are meaningful, but I have to admit that the climax is very simple, and I can see why it's not taking off in the mainstream. Flags, on the other hand, is pop perfection.
  3. Hello! excuse me, do you mind if you can send me the link for the song "Flags"?

  4. Back in early october, there was an italian music journalist who said Coldplay were going to release an experimental record by the end of 2019 and a conventional record in 2020. I apologize because I went to search for the primary source, and it's partially wrong. I got the information from a twitter user who got it from the italian journalist's tweet. His source was the Daily Star article from October 7 (I assume many know about this article). It said (And I quote from the article): “The first album is the more experimental side of Coldplay, they probably won’t tour until 2020 when the n
  5. I don't want to scare the oldplayers, but what that Italian DJ said is turning out to be true. This would mean that the next album will be more pop oriented hehe.
  6. I just listened to the album for the 5th and last time before the release date as I don't want to ruin the excitement. I have to say that Sunrise and When I Need a Friend grew on me a lot. Also, Orphans sounds better to me when I listen to the album as a whole just like how I felt with ASFOS and Ghost Stories. It's still not that impressive to me (except for the lyrics). It's a shame, but I bet Flags, the bonus track, will be 10 times better. It will probably feel like how Ghost Story and All My Friends got cut from the album. Orphans really was a last minute decision to please the general aud
  7. The songs may cover similar themes, but the albums are based on totally different concepts. Chris clearly stated on recent interviews that Everyday Life is about how they feel on issues that may be controversial. For instance, I thought Daddy was inspired by the children that were separated from their parents at the U.S border. This was my first instinct, but, at the end, the lyrics are vague enough to create our own meaning. It could be about other stuff. On the other hand, Kaye's whole purpose was to express his re-encounter with faith after being hospitalized. It just happens that some
  8. There's nothing wrong with the MX/AHFOD sound. The songwriting is what actually counts. In my opinion, as long as there's good delivery and creative pop elements, I will be satisfied. I truly enjoyed the energy and high spirit of several songs during these two eras. They truly diversified Coldplay's catalog and seperated them from one-dimensional alternative bands like Keane, Snow Patrol or Muse.
  9. Sunrise: I didn't care much about this one. It's a good intro, but it doesn't beat Life in Technicolor or MX/Hurts Like heaven. 6/10 Church: It's a solid pop song. The Chorus is catchy, and I like Chris' delivery. Jonny's guitar fits nicely with the ambient sound. I thought the female voice (I wonder who it is) was a nice addition. 8/10 Trouble in Town: Great song. The second half was very Pink Floydesque. I liked that it ends with a snippet of kids singing that still managed to fit nicely with the beat. 9/10 BroKen: It reminds me a lot of Death Will Never Conquer. It's short but it h
  10. Can someone DM the link? Edit: Nevermind, I just read some of the forum rules. I'll find it myself.
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