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  1. Everything's Not Lost vs. Everyday Life
  2. Thanks for posting the entire show! I really missed seeing our boys live...despite the strange and too long standing sad conditions we're all passing through. Viva La Vida my friends! Hopefully we'll get through this
  3. https://youtu.be/ebB1fvJzT24 Ok. Is it just me or should Sam Smith have been quiet and silent on his corner with this one?... Fix him! 🙂
  4. No complaints for now. Only a big THANK YOU, Stephen for the magnificent work you've done here! Stay safe, mates!
  5. Just-do-it

    The song Game!

    Two months off - UNDERWORLD
  6. Oh...i'm so touched by Gal Gadot's happiness (not!). Wonder how much time she and her husband spent refreshing the gigsandtours.com page to attend the gig...or what on earth she can do for a sustainable gig (beside a post on instagram or tweet) to be invited to see Coldplays' sound-check. Probably she just rent a private jet from L.A. to London to contribute for the environment in the world...and did even not make-up herself to gain the band's invitation... Like someone before said..... Coldplay, You're sooooooooooooooooooooooo faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!! (S
  7. I've been to funerals with much more fun and interaction between the living.
  8. Hey...just listened to this "kind of country" version of FIX YOU and i really didn't like it. It removes all the feeling and sentimental vibe that music has. Anyone else feeling the same here?
  9. Sorry, but did the band and the entire crew just swim to Jordan and back with tons of equipment on their back, or...?? Was that the point for just wanting people from UK or London on their gig? I don't think so...don't exaggerate on that.
  10. Just heard from a portuguese radio station (that offered 3 tickets in a contest) that total amount of tickets/attendants will be 800 people. Regarding that probably half of them were given to sponsors, guests and radio stations as well...i suppose the total amount of tickets gone for sale last saturday barely reached 400/500 tickets.
  11. On my way to buying the newspaper, but the best way to start my sunday. Thanxs and lots of appreciation for publishing this @gai . May God bless all of us
  12. C'mon...i'm as disappointed as anyone of us certainly is. But...life goes on, do never give up, if i would actually live in London i would definetily meet&greet some of you next monday...if not for the gig, well then for a couple of pints and knowing different people/experiences from Coldplayers. Now i'm sitting on the BA plane from Portugal to London..and unfortunately/most surely i will return next monday with no Coldplay concert and without having the chances many of you have: go to the museum, shoutout loud to crew members, meet during the afternoon and have fun, smile, sing along
  13. Ok guys. First of all, i feel so sorry for all those who (just like me) tried to get tickets to see our boys live next monday...and didn't get it. It's kind of strange no one here in our community was lucky enough to buy them, but...sometimes sell of tickets is really strange, and in this case it's at least not usual that not ONE of us could get them. Then i would like to publically thank a Coldplayer here (who today attends the Jordan gig) for giving me his code. I didn't get the chance to use it -i tried to use mine first- but if i could, my intention was to buy the more tickets possible
  14. I got until here...first with 2 tickets choice, then 1....but on the next screen: sold out!!! How is this possible?.... I'm heartbroken...
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