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  1. Scare20

    Unnamed LP9 Thread

    Talking about preparing known songs, maybe that’s the reason why they made a few music vid thumbnails on YT black and white, as a hint for us what is awaiting us...theory based on something I’ve read here or in that other popular one recently
  2. Scare20

    Unnamed LP9 Thread

    I’m not 100% sure, so I say 95% lol, but if I recall right he referred to an existing song, which confused me a little. Since I don’t remember which one, I could imagine they are digging out some rather “unknown”/less publicly known songs for their next tour or so, so that’s why he said that.
  3. With the possible hint in the Trouble In Town video (5/11/2020, so really a release this year), I thought the 24 in FFTF2024 refers to 24 years they know each other ...maybe FF is “Four Friends” or something like that
  4. Scare20

    Unnamed LP9 Thread

    In that live stream on Instagram Chris said some stuff: -when asked to play Us Against The World he said that they didn’t finish it back then and did now but didn’t want to promote anything at this point -when asked for UFO he said there’s another one called like that that we don’t yet know -in the very beginning he mentioned he was supposed to be with the band now but they are in different parts of the world/different countries (don’t remember what he said precisely but in that way definitely)
  5. Yeah, he also said, when Us Against The World was requested in that live stream, that “they didn’t finish it back then but did now but he didn’t want to promote anything there”
  6. Scare20

    Unnamed LP9 Thread

    When I saw your version of the picture btw, I realized something. With EL they had a cover for their 2 parts of the album, sunrise and sunset: a sun and a moon. Looking at the poster in the booklet and comparing it to yours: Let’s say the planet on top really is the moon, a bit lower, but inside the circle, the sun. Is it possible, with the helix in the middle (“Same f***ing blood”) it’s referring to EL at this point? The planet or thing on the right has some kind of symbol or so on top, which reminds me of a church’s a bit (Church, 2nd song from EL I mean). Maybe, just like the hints with the moon phases they had on their website for months, that’s a hint for the next thing as well? Oh boy, speculating about this actually quite fun haha
  7. Scare20

    Unnamed LP9 Thread

    I’m a bit confused rn. I’ve read through some stuff and theories about LP9 now and in some posts Back To The Future was mentioned. But I mean...I’ve googled FFTF when I read it first and discovered a Wiki thread, called Fast Flux Test Facility. Now why did I mention BTTF though I never rly watched it (pls no hatred lol) Well, cuz of the DeLorean and it’s Fluxcapacitor (of which I was aware before) and I don’t get why no one actually mentioned it until now ^^ Or did I skip something <.< Anyway, not like I’m sure about that, how can I be. But it’s, as mentioned many times before by others, one of the band’s favorite movies and the DeLorean is part of it. Apart from that, I can’t really imagine it’s gonna come up in April. That’d still be so early. But logically, for the car’s plate, I’d still go with April 24th as well. But, just to mention it, I thought about 24th or 42nd week of the year as well. Also about the X&Y theories. I doubt it’s gonna be a re-edited version of it already, at least for LP9. Chris said in the interview with Jo Whiley of BBC (2?) one or two months back: “Well the third one, called X&Y, I would re-edit a bit...and probably will. I have a playlist in my laptop, I haven’t told the rest of the band this actually. But maybe when it’s like the 20th anniversary, I’m gonna/will/would(?) do that, like the album should have been.” I’ve luckily recorded it back then, cuz it’s not on the bbc website anymore (maybe someone can find it again sonwhere else), so I just typed it off. Anyway, if he didn’t want to troll us a bit, I believe the X&Y re-edit is really coming in 2025 the earliest, if it’s coming at all, what I really hope. Hope I was able to help or so :)
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