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  1. I think Higher Power, My Universe which it will come out soon as a 2nd single, Let Somebody Go, and Coloratura 🎨
  2. Wow first this album is amazing I can’t wait for 3 months and two confused for you guys, so no collaborations in this album ?
  3. Well today is the half lunar cycle (First Quarter) so what happens next should we solve the frequency in alien radio for the new music or should we wait for it what do you guys think 🤔
  4. Why does everybody want to hear a snippet and a snippet lol 😂 come on guys chill, it’s almost tomorrow or next week until announcement
  5. Yeah, probably the next single after My Universe is Neon Moon ft Dua Lipa we’ll get high hopes for that
  6. Wow I’ve just heard it before, it reminds me of that song Gives You Hell by The All-American Rejects
  7. Yes he can, it’s an imagine track list that it’s going to be possibly confirmed anytime soon maybe next month
  8. Oh hell yeah along with Dua Lipa would be so awesome for the Grammys next year I hope they’ll confirmed it anytime soon and we will hear their song all day and the great tracks sounds cool 🔥😁
  9. I think it’s July 17th if that’s a half lunar moon so that’s next week
  10. I think KUBIK stands for like Kubrick almost, it’s theme for 2001: A Space Odyssey
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