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  1. 7..7 (a date), goldage I + beware of emperor? f/2.024??
  2. Actually, the account was legit.. the video they uploaded matches with the leaked song, and it was uploaded earlier than the full song ! Anyone remember info about that account? I remember the 7.7 and something like Gold Age I + beware of the empereor or something like that
  3. https://mobile.twitter.com/9erehps the account has been deleted!
  4. Lyrics match! In and out of time In another space Only you make my heart race Now I’m spinning and I’m flying Mind duplicates I’m just crazy shapes
  5. Hey, did you see this? There is exactly the same symbol in Coldplay’s web menu... that spiral of your image
  6. Do we know something official about the 20th anniversary of Parachutes?
  7. HeY! I have been being a coldplay fun for some years... during the lookdown i have made this video... Use it as my presentation! hope you love it!! VIVA LA VIDA
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