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  1. 😉 Btw, I've tried to see the concert on livexlive, but there wasn't nothing, I used a vpn for going on the cw net. and I think I didn't listen to a performed song. I listened to Clocks partially, Trouble in Town, Adventure of a Lifetime, Fix You and ASFOS. Is there a song missing? Thank You and Good night!
  2. Hi guys, I've recently upload on YouTube my Yellow cover video for a contest.I spent so much time to make it closest to the original, and i would be glad if You see it and tell me what do You think about the video and the cover and how can I improve the quality of my channel (And maybe subscribe and leave a like to help me to grow up as channel 😅😁). Have a nice day. P.s: Sorry for my English pronunciation, I'm not English. And Sorry for my crappy camera quality, but I'm using my phone's one.
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