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    2022 Tour?

    Does anyone have any top tips for getting tickets to a small show like the one at Shepherd’s Bush? Was gutted not to be at the Natural History Museum and want to maximise my chances of seeing the guys again
  2. Considering the number of musical styles the band have experimented with, it really wouldn't surprise me if K-pop was next on the agenda!!
  3. At this point I'm very jealous of Taylor Swift fans who have had two new albums come out during lockdown along with a reworked album being released next month... so far we've had Flags to keep us going😢
  4. Not really adding anything to the discussion, but I really can't wait to experience the explosion of excitement on this forum when we get an official announcement
  5. If you go onto this link, and click on ‘List of goods and services’, you can see that the various things they can use the trademark for (classes 9, 16, 25 and 41) include different platforms of music (vinyl, CD etc), publications, posters, clothing and live performances. Based on that, I would be very surprised if this was anything but a new album, as I doubt they’d intend on selling merchandise for reworked songs/a single/even an EP
  6. Can’t forget as well that Coldplay were due to perform at the Global Citizen Festival 2020 which I believe was around September? I’d assume that something would’ve been released before then if it wasn’t for coronavirus
  7. I was wondering whether anyone thinks that Music of the Spheres will be put on hold, and another LP will be released before it? I was anticipating that MOTS was going to be a large touring album, but as Coldplay-sized tours seem very unlikely at the moment, maybe the band have used COVID times to work on new, different material that may be more suited to release without touring. Thoughts?
  8. I guess it depends when they think they would be able to tour the album- like maybe late next year there could be a possibility of putting in some tour dates, in which case they could announce the album relatively soon?
  9. Is that supposed to be stars and constellations etc.? Would make sense with MOFS
  10. Even though they’re really an album band, it would be great to see the guys smash the singles charts again
  11. I feel for the next LP they will want to do a bigger tour as they kinda need to, so with Covid that could delay LP9’s release (maybe until mid next year), and in the meantime we might get some reworks of their old songs like LIJ?
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