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  1. 1. X&Y 2. AROBTTH 3. MOTS Yeah, it's not out yet, but with what's already out and the overtura, it'll probably take second place (currently X&Y is the only album I like every song on and apparently this will be the second one)
  2. So they are only going to release 2 singles themselves?, and in that case Coloratura would be a single "promotional" so to speak
  3. Now I was thinking, what will happen to the Coloratura video? If it is 10 minutes, will they cut half? Will it be one of those simple ones that in the end will not have a specific video? Will it also come out in physical format like HP? or is it going to come out with a different cover with its respective language or are it going to come out with the album cover? And it is also very risky to release a 10-minute single, knowing that currently rare songs are the ones that spend 3 or 4 minutes. An example of the video vs. song is with Up & up the song lasts 6 minutes and the video lasts 4, or
  4. I think I am the only one theorizing in the form of Coloratura, as it seems that it is not a planet at all (I thought it was a galaxy, but I think it really is a nebula), second, the duration of the song itself and that it is called precisely the same as where it comes from, and whatever song the album is and apparently, and Coloratura is far with respect to the other planets, so it also seems that it is an "entry" for the next volume if really MOTS is divided into 3 parts
  5. I think it really represents the orbits of the planets and since possibly Supersolis is the main star of the planetary system. I think they could be very close to the star next to Echo and the little dot that you can hardly see (and maybe it's a pulsar)
  6. I had heard a "diagram" theory from EL's booklet, that each symbol refers to each Coldplay era (like DNA to X&Y) as there are apparently 9 symbols, and with the new cover it is seen that they added new "positions" for the planets
  7. but it is very worrying, just by looking for Coldplay on twitter you will realize, most of the tweets are from Army only asking for collaboration, If there is such a collaboration, it will be the most popular and requested song of the era, and it's going to have more impact than the whole album in general, if my theory is true, infinity is in the middle (is too flashy, just like said collaboration), I am afraid to think that they do it, from what you say, be more successful, since with HP they did not do so well that we say
  8. it happened with midnight, also I think they have already had too many presentations and interviews, it is my first "great" era, so I do not know if this type of strategy has been carried out before (promoting only one song without giving official notice of a new album), and I think that the acapella version that they have presented is not the final one that will be on the album but a different version 🀑🀑🀑
  9. makes sense, since the title of the song, My universe is a system, so it should not have a single planet associated with it, but if so, it would be the third single actually, by the order of the symbols, and possibly Human Heart if it is the second single by the similar triangle, and the earth is the planet that represents it
  10. The truth is that I think similar to you, although I expected it to be more like HLH (I mean increase the intensity to break into a great solo) that's probably why I like the ending part and the chorus, makes me want to do skateboarding or parkour, I am also surprised by the choirs, it is the first time that they are not so in the second voice, and that Will sing too, Although I hope that some other member will sing even a song, but I see it difficult if it is not live. And I still don't understand why they call it pop, it sounds more like sythwave to me, even on previous albums, there is stil
  11. Well, I don't know if you have noticed, after watching the video of Higther Power again I noticed something curious, the first symbol is illuminated compared to the others, on the official cover they are all the same color, apart from the back cover the same symbol appears but individual , I think that if they are going to be 5 singles, and I think The Race can be infinity or the atom. The difference is very subtle.
  12. I am quite confused with what you mention, since as we saw a few days ago, they were recording, and they used pyrotechnics, which also pollutes (and if I'm not wrong they haven't done it like that) and I also think they still couldn't have found another solution, but something big is coming, since I have seen a great change regarding the advertising of EL, So I hope there is a tour soon
  13. the guys do not do the same 2 times, so seeing an AHFOD 2.0 or MX 2.0 would be very difficult (in that case better an X&Y 2.0, 3.0 ...). I don't see any resemblance to birds anywhere (it shouldn't go on that album) and the sythwave is not pop, It really seems that it is not Coldplay in terms of what we design and that seems to me a great step for a great change
  14. Hahaha, although I must admit that I am also LM I can't help laughing, I now have two planets to vacation in the summer! (being more serious, in some songs they are on par in terms of lyrics, but mostly Coldplay wins)
  15. Apparently MOTS is going to be very Sythwave Asthetics, but that doesn't mean it's going to be pop (Will the coldplayers split again?) , Isn't it strange that they look at other places than directly at the camera? Does this have to do with the aliens that intercepted them? πŸ‘ΎπŸ‘½πŸ‘Ύ.
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