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  1. awesome!!! ok i guess i misunderstood the article when i read it in 2019 and im super excited to once again see Coldplay perform live again.
  2. when Every Day Life was Released they Announced they would not Tour Again because of Enviromental Concerns and would not do so again until it was safer for the enviroment. ill see if i can find the article.
  3. Greetings All first of all im brand new here so if this topic isnt allowed or if its already a topic somewhere else on the forum im really sorry i didnt see it......i was wondering if anyone thinks that Coldplay will Tour again i remember reading an article when Everyday life came out that said basicly Coldplay would never tour again because of enviromental concerns. So if there getting ready to release LP9 what are the chances there will be a World tour?
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