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  1. I don't understand what any of this has to do with LP9. And first of all the most important thing is that all their videos get views = more money to the band? Second why is it a bad thing if Everglow get views? I don't get it...
  2. Haven't seen a review with less than 3 stars for the song yet, most of them give it a 4/5. Even on RYM it has 3,8 from 500+ reviews and a lot of haters on there. It's unusual for me to see a Coldplay song get these good reviews and scores nowadays.
  3. I see that J has been rehearsing the Us Against The World riff. I wonder if it's just for fun or inclusion in future setlists. Have they been reworking it perhaps?
  4. Openers: Square One Politik Sunrise Don't Panic Life In Technicolor (Ii would probably be no 1 though) Mylo/Hurts Like Heaven Always In My Head Music Of The Spheres/Higher Power A Head Full Of Dreams Closers: Coloratura Death And All His Friends Up With The Birds O/Fly On Amsterdam Everything's Not Lost Up & Up Everyday Life Twisted Logic Right now, might change my mind tomorrow.
  5. Is the site BrokEn? Have experienced problems for weeks and yesterday I couldn't access anything?
  6. Listen to it at least 5 times per day, can't get enough of the song. It has all these different little elements.
  7. I think there will be three releases. The music video for Higher Power actually says: "Music of the spheres - A melodic orbit in three parts"
  8. Yeah and vol 2 (and 3 if there will be one) might be EP:s as well.
  9. But isn't the next going to be Music of the spheres vol 2 then? She said she didn't meet him for Music of the Spheres. 🤔
  10. Maybe it's because I/we like this one better. Ink is kinda nice though, it's the one I listen to the most from GS right now.
  11. And what do we know? Maybe one part of Music of the spheres could be a follow up to MX?
  12. It's a huge compliment to sound like PF. That doesn't take anything away from Coldplay right? They have achieved something great by sounding this good in a pretty much unexplored teretory for them.
  13. Wasn't Coloratura described like heaven? For me this song is about appreciateing what you've got on this planet before we go to Coloratura.
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