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  1. Hope Humankind will be a single. For me it's miles better than MU and sounds like it could've been on MX. Not a top 20 Coldplay song, but still pretty cool. Let Somebody Go is a sweet song, but sounds like Everglow's little sister. I'm a bit tired of that stuff, but of course it's not a bad song.
  2. THIS! And how come other artists are able to stick to their sound and genre and stay succesfull? Why shouldn't we be allowed to complain If we feel that the music doesn't sound like we know it can sound like?
  3. I get what you're saying and agree to a point. I won't speak my mind totally cause that might start "a war", but for someone who worshipped the first 4 records some things shouldn't be 😅
  4. Actually it's funny because GS doesn't sound like the Coldplay I love, but it has feeling(heartbreak) in the songs and the album holds together well I think. I also really love songs like Ink and True Love + Fly On is one of the saddest and most beautiful songs I know.
  5. TBH I think Coloratura is the greatest song from the last 3 or 4 records. I think they should go back to focusing on the songs instead of trying to do cool things. I don't really understand all the praise EL gets either. To me it's a unfinished project with Coldplay doing genres that's not Coldplay to me. For someone who Love Viva La Vida, EL is a weak shadow of what. (However Daddy is really Beautiful, Champion Of The World is good and Arabesque very cool). For me the latest record I really liked as a whole is GS(It's a bit unusual Coldplay record, but I think it holds togethe
  6. Humankind is a real grower, think it's gonna be number 2 after Coloratura for me soon. But I think they should have swapped places and have it straight after the intro.
  7. Ok Higher Power - 6,5 ( for the ending) Humankind - 8(Decent) Let Somebody Go - 7 (Like the song, but not the drum machine etc.) Human Heart - 7 (Beautiful song, but a bit boring?) People Of The Pride 8,5 (Like it a lot actually) Biutyful - 4 (If it was Chris normal voice throughout the song and real drums perhaps I'd double the rating) My Universe - 5 Infinity sign - 6,5 (John Hopkins, but with annoying clap sounds) Coloratura - 9,5 Won't rate the short ones. Had to change it a bit, Humankind is actually very good.
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