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  1. You could be right. I just think that there is so much stuff going on. Seems like they've got the concept ready and are ready to drop the bomb 😄
  2. Do you think it's true that they're "working om an album"? I think at this point the album is finished.
  3. I don't understand the hate this song gets. Also I don't understand the praise EL gets. For me, apart from a few exceptions, that is a boring album. I can hear what they wanted with that album and I would love to love that album if you know what I mean.
  4. AOAL haven't grown on me yet... But this one I liked from first listen 😄
  5. Only listened once. Great pop single, much better than a lot of stuff on AHFOD IMO. Have high hopes for the album, think we're in for a treat!
  6. I've only listened once, but this is a great pop song and I like it! It's not oldplay, but still a really cool song and much better than much om AHFD IMO. Have high hopes for the album!
  7. Yeah could be so. It's just that we have seen and talked about 3.31 before, maybe there's a "radio edit" as well.
  8. Ain't that just the music video? It's a bit longer than the song itself, if it's 3.31 minutes. Correct me if I'm wrong.
  9. So here we also have todays date, like on iTunes. I'm a bit confused 😄
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