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  1. she may not know that next album is supposed to be called like this🤔 now another speculative moment.. I have my theory about the 5 symbols on HP and MOTS covers... ✨ is the track 4 but may represent orbit 1 too cause it is in part 1 (after MOTS 1) 🔼 the triangle is the symbol of vol. 1 according to the litography. vol. 1 includes orbit 1 and (part of) orbit 2 ♾️ infinity sign is track 11 which comes after MOTS 2, so maybe representing orbit 2 ⚛️ this is probably the symbol of vol. 2, on HP physical release symbol for vol.1 is next to different symbol with paralell cir
  2. I'm ok we should wait and not get too hyped already, but MX was never called part1 or vol1 so I guess this time it will mean something for sure. there are so many clues now, that it will be weird otherwise. We just have to wait patiently and see...🧐👀 coldplay style can change, they like trying new stuff
  3. I really hope Brian Eno will produce vol. 2, but I guess they will keep Max Martin on the same project and I think they generally start from new songs, the only exception was for EL
  4. this makes sense and it agrees with the 2 symbols on HP single package (triangle for album one and other one for album two) it would mean that My Universe video will introduce part 2, maybe next album will arrive Jan-Feb 2022 ? waiting for next interviews to answer all these burning questions...
  5. full song... what I like the most of the full version is that it seems to end and then starts again more times
  6. just listened somewhere 😍 so the snippet from the trailer is actually the outro
  7. track 4 must be called Alien Radio, that's what we can read in the picture below
  8. so the untitled tracks are more like 3 interludes and 2 proper songs, at least the lengths suggest that
  9. it must be so (and I hope in a Vol.III as well since it's in 3 part)
  10. is it just a guess or do we have full list of the planets somewhere? Phil said that next planets to visit will be Epiphane whose language is Spheric, this alphabet has indeed the My Universe snippet with it, logically the next single/2nd part video😄 😄 Then Coloratura which is the final ballad, maybe the 3rd single / 3rd part video ?
  11. the pace and the chords are the same as the others snippets of my universe
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