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  1. I'm quite sure Vol. 2 will use the same formula of Vol. 1, mixing genres + some collab. I have the feeling they wrote enough songs for one album, but they will spread them on 2 or 3 volumes. So the songs will come from the same bunch. i'm also afraid Vol. 2 will be even shorter, with more emoji songs... I keep ready for the worst, so no surprises next time!
  2. another version MU is out... what's the point of this new one? doesn't matter, I'll keep listening to Humankind instead 🎧🎧
  3. about the sound, so MOTS's concept is about different planets, so differnt moods and sounds. It's not easy to keep this in mind when the album flows... of course, POTP would sound much better on VLV, Coloratura on Ghost Stories, Humakind on MX, LSG on AHFOD, MU on a BTS album instead ... I think a song can sound different just because of the other songs nearby. Also, some songs are old demos revisited with Max martin (for sure POTP would have been different it is was finished in 2008 and produced by Brian Eno for VLV...) Also, I'm wondering how long making albums will still be a relevant
  4. I've moved this song to MX playlist, between HLH and Paradise... it sounds even better right there !
  5. my theory is that Aurora will be on vol.2, maybe associated to an instrumental called MOTS III... my guess is that there will be new songs for the same planets but instead of the neon moons we will have this little blue planet hopefully they will break the silence soon on the volumes stuff with the album out!
  6. so i could finally add POTP studio to my DAAHF playlist and it sounds so in the right place! Viva angry Coldplay 😝
  7. for those who have the physical CD already, do you see some information inside on vol. 2 ? πŸ™‚
  8. Reviews are not brilliant at all, they should release Vol. 2 quite soon... I'm enjoying this album, not as much as I did with EL which is more my cup of tea. My current ranking (not including MOTS I & II and Alien Choir😞 1 ) Humankind 2 ) Coloratura 3) Human Heart 4 ) People Of The Pride 5 ) Biutyful 6 ) Higher Power 7 ) Infinity Sign 8 ) Let Someone Go 9 ) My Universe
  9. only english language can afford such puns πŸ˜„ apart being funny, it delivers a good message isn't it ? we have to be generous as humans, that's why people had to share the album leak but this will be an old story soon πŸ˜›
  10. can't stop listening to this one πŸ˜„ so epic the chorus, especially the final line "...from another planeeeet, still they call us humankiiiind... " what is your best part of this song?
  11. just listened to it, while I was having breakfast πŸ˜„ my first reactions to the new songs... Humankind is Charlie Brown's and DLIBYH's child, this is easily the best song on the record and it has to be a single! The intro with the alien voice sounds like Infinity Sign, maybe it 's the long awaited Aurora's track ??? it is nowhere else otherwise Infinity Sign is really mostly an instrumental but it's a cool track Biutyful is Angelina feat. Chris Martin, apart this it's such a cute song! the music effects are hypnotizing. I was afraid not to like it but actually I was wrong
  12. what about using a VPN I'll give it a try in less than 24 hours πŸ˜›
  13. those who got the album before are not even reacting to the songs, they just came on social media to say they've got it before... did they receive special instructions with a letter from Chris?
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