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  1. Depends on what they're planning to do, a single/album launch could happen online (YouTube).
  2. If it's a tour that could work. They could announce it next month and it could happen over the summer :)
  3. Do you mean on here or in general? Have they gotten many views/comments on YouTube? I haven't watched any of them to be honest, I don't usually watch music videos in general. I'm a bad fan I guess :P
  4. It could be the title of a greatest hits tour, with spheres referring to their past albums.
  5. The London show that they're mentioning seems to be a tribute band.
  6. I see what you mean about them not being as mainstream with this album and therefore not reaching as many people. Personally, I don't feel like I'm missing out on anything because of it, it doesn't change the way I think about their music. And whether or not other people enjoy it is up to them (I don't enjoy everything that's mainstream currently either). I also think that change in mainstream music doesn't necessarily have to come from within it, or that it would happen suddenly. What I'm trying to say is it's hard to judge what impact this album might really have in the end. Someone me
  7. What makes a band relevant? They just had a no.1 album despite skipping most of the usual promo involved in releases. They also got nominated for the Brit awards. It's not too bad i think.
  8. Found the video on YouTube. That is quite something,hearing him describe the gig as "shitty"! :eek: it's how I felt after the London NHM ticket sales fiasco too.
  9. Musically, I think this might be their strongest album since Viva la Vida. There aren't many artists who can pull off this kind of variety in musical styles the way that Coldplay do. I was very surprised about some of the songs, for example I really wasn't expecting a gospel song. It's something I wouldn't normally listen to but I actually really like that about this album. I also like the topics that they've covered and the messages in the songs. Overall, it's refreshing and inspiring, and it really shows off how talented they are. My personal favourites are Champion of the wo
  10. I haven't watched the French interview yet but if there are two meanings then one of the themes in the picture could be space and the other sustainability. The way I see it the main features of the picture are the billboard, the car and the license plate, and both space and sustainability could be represented in each of the three. In terms of the space theme, if the car is an old range rover then the 2nd part of the name as well as the "2024" from the license plate could be referring to the next NASA Apollo moon mission. In the billboard the space theme is picked up by the solar system m
  11. It's interesting to read about the different theories! :) This was what I posted before in the LP9 thread:
  12. I've always been a bit of an environmentalist and I love how the band are one of the first to really acknowledge and raise awareness of the impact their industry and specifically touring has on the environment. I hope this will inspire change both on the business side and also in fans' personal lives. Having said that, making touring sustainable is a huge task and if they don't want to lose their credibility they'll now have to follow through and maybe reconsider how many flights they take etc. in their off time too as otherwise it'll look like they're following the trend and doing this fo
  13. Staying with the space theme, "2024" could be a reference to NASA's 2024 Apollo Moon Mission, Back to the moon. And maybe the car is an old rover (-> lunar rover)? There's also a theme of bringing old and new together in the picture generally as with regards to Music of the Spheres, I learned that this seems to relate back to old theories by scientists Pythagoras and Kepler and their work on the relationship between music, harmonics and geometry, as well as the universe. In that album booklet picture that could be represented by the celestial symbols and geometrical shapes. NASA also seem t
  14. Colloquially, a ball is also called a sphere. So I read something online about how balls and marbles are spheres, which reminded me of Chris talking in an interview about the blue marble picture, the 1st photo taken of the earth from space. The celestial themed album artwork would fit in with that space theme too, plus it could also be a reference to how EL brings together different people and different musical styles from around the world (different worlds). Hoping, like all of you, that we'll be spoiled with yet another album soon though!
  15. Thanks a lot for the detailed report, sounds like it was an amazing evening! :) To be honest I feel sad to read you feel others who missed out are "entitled". I think we all know it was a small venue so not everyone who wanted to go would get tickets. And while in theory the ticket sale was set up very well, there were definitely technical issues with the website, which the band have acknowledged too, and that's what caused a lot of frustration for people because it means we didn't actually have a fair chance of buying tickets. People are allowed to feel sad/disappointed about that. Per
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