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  1. The launch was super exciting, I really enjoyed watching the interview with Thomas Pesquet. The song itself is nice, easy to listen to and very upbeat. My favourite part is the chorus plus the line leading up to it because of how catchy it is. Overall, I'd probably enjoy the song more if it had been mixed differently and without the choir. I find that in some parts of the song the arrangement is kind of drowning out Chris's vocals and the other instruments. It's like a beautiful picture that's been photoshopped a bit too much and has had too many stickers and text added on it.
  2. I agree, the vocals were amazing. And I also agree that the piano only songs were super good, but I'm a big fan of their acoustic performances generally. I've had One For My Baby stuck in my head since yesterday, so beautiful. 😍
  3. He also said the Dell world was one of his favourite worlds (spheres).
  4. If that had anything to do with it, mybe they'll start collaborating with other companies with cosmic brand or product names now too? Android or Tesla for example? 😄
  5. According to the timings on the website it should run another 25mins
  6. Has anyone told lady gaga's fans yet that there's another artist using the space theme for their album?! 😄 Theoretically, they could perform together at the brit awards, who knows...
  7. It was a big statement from Chris. The way their marketing is going the next tour should be a big one. Maybe they'll do things like introduce more recycling or using more sustainable materials in their production - baby steps basically. And their ocean clean up partnership could be one of the ways in which they intend to offset the environmental impact of their shows. It's not perfect but more than most bands do. For us, it could mean a ticket price increase or limiting ticket sales to locals, who knows. Maybe they've come up with some great ideas whilst jetting around the world on their priva
  8. 😂 I have to admit, I actually prefer the hat to his current hairstyle.
  9. Yeah, that's definitely a pattern, and it seems like a lot of long term fans prefer the more artsy albums. I wouldn't necessarily call it one for the label, one for the band. Everyday life got hardly any promo and still sold quite well. Plus i'm pretty sure the band wouldn't release an album they didn't fully believe in themselves. With them being one of the biggest acts around they hold the cards rather than the label, I'm pretty sure any other label would be quick to sign them even if they decided to abandon the mainstream stuff. So I assume the band actually enjoy being more mainstream now
  10. Do they usually release songs earlier for critics and radio stations, in preparation of the launch? If so, someone could've leaked the lyrics. On the German rollingstone website there's an article stating the record label suggested there'll be a tour in late 2021, around the same time when the album will be released, and another single inbetween higher power and the album.
  11. I think popularity alone doesn't make a song a masterpiece. Most songs that are very popular have catchy melodies, and usually they readily evoke emotions in many people. Other factors like branding and personality can help too. I don't even think that came about with social media, and it's happening in other arts too. Being artsy alone won't qualify a song as a masterpiece either. I think ultimately most people care more about how a song makes them feel than the actual composition. A true masterpiece like bohemian rhapsody will have that emotional impact and be easily palatable, and additiona
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