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  1. New box set 😃 including planet Aurora... it seems it has its own alphabet too
  2. just heard a snippet of the studio version ❤️ lovely! https://www.instagram.com/p/CT2a5dDotJL/?utm_medium=copy_link
  3. I actually liked the leak and I still enjoy listening to it, more than HP. And it is much much better than SJLT and XMTS. Of course I agree with you that Coloratura and old Coldplay are better, this is not the point 🙂 they can make a good pop/funky song too I just hope the studio version of MU will not have too much rap, the leaked version is just fine without that
  4. I've watched the end of Higher Power video again, we clearly see that Chris is going to Epiphane... but the small planet in the middle looks like Kaotica indeed... quite confusing since the video should take place there, unless this is the lost planet Aurora (HP remixes) ??
  5. the delay may come from BTS, maybe they avoid overlapping with their releases... If really Chris will sing MU at Kelly Clarkson Show, we will know more today
  6. tonight they will be with BTS on Youtube... just imagine if they still don't say anything ... everyone will go crazy
  7. rumours say that chris will sing My Universe at the Kelly Clarkson Show that will premiere on Sept 13th ...
  8. https://youtu.be/Qo5ByeS0Vbo "that's gonna be out sometimes.." not confirmed it's LSG, but quite possible
  9. second single (much likely "my universe") should come out in less than a month, when do you think they will announce it officially ?
  10. video doesn't mean single, as they did for Cry Cry Cry and Trouble In Town I'm looking forward for the full video!☺️
  11. what I hear now is not the song in the link, real song leaked in full
  12. so this is most likely the track with the hidden song (aurora planet) since it's more than 4 minute long My guess is that Humankind will be 3 minute long and the other track will be something like WOTW/POTP or Guns
  13. there is indeed one small planet on the album cover that does not correspond to any track... the small one just below Supersolis, maybe a 13th hidden track ? I wonder if vol.2 will have new planets or if it will be a new round in the same system
  14. she may not know that next album is supposed to be called like this🤔 now another speculative moment.. I have my theory about the 5 symbols on HP and MOTS covers... ✨ is the track 4 but may represent orbit 1 too cause it is in part 1 (after MOTS 1) 🔼 the triangle is the symbol of vol. 1 according to the litography. vol. 1 includes orbit 1 and (part of) orbit 2 ♾️ infinity sign is track 11 which comes after MOTS 2, so maybe representing orbit 2 ⚛️ this is probably the symbol of vol. 2, on HP physical release symbol for vol.1 is next to different symbol with paralell cir
  15. I'm ok we should wait and not get too hyped already, but MX was never called part1 or vol1 so I guess this time it will mean something for sure. there are so many clues now, that it will be weird otherwise. We just have to wait patiently and see...🧐👀 coldplay style can change, they like trying new stuff
  16. I really hope Brian Eno will produce vol. 2, but I guess they will keep Max Martin on the same project and I think they generally start from new songs, the only exception was for EL
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