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  1. My one from April is dead, however the one from July is still able to light up. I'd change em to be safe, because it might die mid show.
  2. Im glad I get to see them preform it. I was in the middle section of the side the c-stage was on. Couldn't see anything with the way the Bell Center is built. Still excited for any Montreal footage, just for the "I was there!"
  3. Just added Deadmau5 too the list, playing a stadium in Vancouver.
  4. I think you are right, why would they ask for fan footage of UATW and Speed of Sound if they aren't going to use it? BTW I am also stoked as hell, I flew 3000 miles to see them in Montreal and Im getting some of it on film and CD...so worth it for Coldplay. Trip and concert of my life.
  5. Because Genesis is far better? Sorry, I hate Rush almost as much as Radiohead.
  6. Neil Young - Nov. 11th Paul McCartney - Nov 25th Bruce Spingsteen and the E Street Band - Nov 26th Bucket list will be nearly complete.
  7. Canadian Prog-Rockers. Think Genesis with a more annoying singer and weaker lyrics.
  8. Im in for the first time in a long time. To those who are worried their music isn't good enough who cares...you'd be surprised what people have in common. Just make it flow nicely thats all, pretend youre sending it to your new crush.
  9. NWA, Public Enemy, Kraftwreck, Deep Purple. Rush should never go in.
  10. Wedding Bells is MX...It also fits the pattern and it the "start of a story"
  11. Given that its the acoustic version of Mylo Xyloto it does make sense, but I dont know if its the heel of the album. Also I just listened to Moving to Mars, it has MX in it too.
  12. Now the question is what song is the lynch pin of the album? Parachutes = Trouble (Para-Para-Parachutes) AROBTTH = Politik X&Y = Fix You VLV = Viva La Vida We know Charlie Brown was that song for the acoustic record before Guy put his foot down and put it on Mylo. However before that, what song were they using as the key to the album?
  13. Paradise has really grown on me, I hated it, but now I think it's one of their best songs. From a musicians stand point its up to the times and ahead. I mean to all you haters. Paradise is the electronic version of Viva La Vida. Seriously though, Im willing to bet this one Guy and Eno spent hours on all the layers while Chris was fiddling on a piano. The synths are all rock solid thorough out, Guy is up there with Reznor for calibrating synths.
  14. Guy is the most talented one in the band. I know he does a lot of the secondary sounds on the album. Paradise is pretty much Guy's brain child. Guy also does most of the arrangements of the band. They all get production credits, but I believe him and Eno are the ones who helped Coldplay pull the 360 since X&Y.
  15. Princess of China is a modified MX. The intro is literally the same. Throw a couple different effects on the original MX and you get the PoC opening. To the person who said he cant hear it in Every Teardrop. The synth you hear before the synth kicks in with the main chords has it. On top of which so does Jonny's guitar after his initial riff. Its obvious to me starting at 1:08. This is genius and Coldplay pulled it off. Mylo Xyloto is not meant to be listened to one song at a time. This type of artisan should be hailed now a days. The way it flows and fits together as is, is brilliant.
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