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  1. Jayzo

    Coldplay's Twitter

    Chris staying up til 5am and working is a ridiculous thing to worry about/over analyze. I'm sure he does it a lot. And he can sleep until the afternoon if he really wants, it's a weekend and they have no festival dates on for a week. Lack of sleep/passing out is a serious problem and not something to take lightly. You should probably see a doctor and get it sorted instead of thinking "oh cool, my lack of sleep means me and Chris have something in common!". Get your priorities straight.
  2. :bigcry: that you weren't there! Though of course I include the dinner beforehand in the meeting lovely people part :P :D.
  3. Couldn't bring myself to waste my 5,000th post in some crap thread :P - started thinking about all the wonderful people I met at this gig, many of whom have turned out to be real life friends. Can't believe it has been almost 2 years now?! Incredible how time flies. Good memories. The fun in the queue, the stupidly high bass of White Lies :laugh4:, getting a bit of a tan in Manchester, leaving my passport in the hotel and having Mrs. Coldplaying pick it up for me. I'd like to think that yellow ball is still out there... somewhere :P. <3 ya Coldplaying! :vuvuzela:
  4. It fits the song very well, the glow in the dark stuff is cool, but it is a bit *too* colourful and crazy for me, especially with all the dropped frames and stop-motion photography.
  5. The crowd are absolutely nuts! Bet it is a truly awesome atmosphere there!
  6. This page includes a video player, it is playing ads and CP music videos at the moment. http://www.aftonbladet.se/nojesbladet/musik/rockbjornen2011/article13239194.ab I'm sure it'll probably be on here once it starts.
  7. Fantastic episode so far. Loved Hammond in South Africa haha. That beast was unbelievable! Also, I want that 1M. In orange. Yes please.
  8. Yes it was. A lot of people were lucky to make it that soon! I was supposed to go one of the charity gigs so I didn't mind, but my flight home got cancelled so I missed it :bomb: :bigcry:. Not my year! :laugh4:

  9. aaw I'm sorry :hug: I almost wasn't able to go, it was just such short notice though.

  10. Cancel the pre-order and then go buy it. If memory serves me correctly you aren't charged until the pre-order physically starts downloading.
  11. I can't remember who it was... I was supposed to go, but couldn't make it last minute so had to give the tickets up. I remember grilling someone for all the gossip afterwards! Just remember your name popping up!

  12. Woah that is one big coincidence :surprised: I was really shy on the boat trip so I didn't talk to that many people.

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