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  1. hehe don't worry it was a joke and nobody gets my jokes! just asking if you've been reading history and looking at horror movies these days. yes in politics they make a song and dance, have meetings, lots of discussions, make irregular choices, think they know it all and forgot who has elected them etc and in the end alot of things stay the same or take forever to make right. history is very truthful but it can also be tampered with in my opinion, the quote " history is made by the winners" is very true, things can be omitted and or forgotton or totally eradicated from the history book
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    hey wanted to thank you on letting me know about paul naschy! i really want to check some of the work out. was browsing and came across this hehe it really sounds interesting and as you can see the reviewer added some history into the mix jjeje! 'Horror rises from the tomb---Whether you like the Spanish or don't like them, you gotta admit that those fascist bastards sure could crank out crap. And the crap they cranked out is exactly why the Spanish are loved the world over. You see the Spanish are well known for their ability to make really good very bad movies. Horror Rises from the Tom
  3. hehe i can see that you like history, heya i'm doing fine just finished exams and chilling out. i agree guerilla tactics have been around for a long time. how've you been getting stuck into history and horror flicks?
  4. your language is hardly poetic, but strangly you make a good point hehe. hmm i think i'll save my cash then, for a more worthy cause. hey plug in coldplaying i urge you not to close your mind to it so quick: nemo, sleeping sun and Gethsemane are some of their older stuff that is truely beautiful ;)
  5. found this ahhhh the past wolf men paul naschy is the second one
  6. was invented by him? by benicio del toro? hehe lets hope not, actually he likes to slash what he says in the scripts he is a body language kinda actor hehe.
  7. ^ who is this Paul i've checked the link but no pic :( its for upcoming remake of the film made in the 40s i think but i don't know the actual movie title at the moment it could be called wolfman (?) edit : btw hi ari :D
  8. here he is without make up. also Anthony Hopkins will be playing his father. source here: http://www.firstshowing.net/2007/09/08/first-look-benicio-del-toro-as-the-wolfman/ and here: http://www.filmschoolrejects.com/news/del-toro-shows-some-teeth-as-the-wolfman.php
  9. Heard on the triple J today Nightwish coming to Aus January next year! always kicked myself for missing their 2005 tour especiall since they kicked out Tarja. i liked their meld of melodic/ symphonic metal and opera. not sure i like thier new stuff..... .......but really want to see them live......curious as to how the new singer wil sing the old stuff so any Aussie Nightwish fans what do you think? worth going?
  10. never thought one of my fav bands and one of my fav book trilogies would come together thus...(if true) Fox predicts a holiday smash Posted by jessia on October 29, 2007 in The Golden Compass movie In his Fox News entertainment round-up, Roger Friedman predicts good things to come from the Golden Compass’ premier this season: “I’ve now seen about a half hour of it, and without a doubt, “The Golden Compass†will be the big holiday smash hit for which Hollywood is so desperate.” He gives Nicole Kidman’s performance a good review, taking back his criticism of her acting in The Invasi
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    phew! thought i was going mad...turns out i'm just going blind hehe.
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    is it just me or has the multimedia section disappeard!?! ARGGH i knew the day would come--i'm going mad- i'm freaking out ................... ....or perhaps i just haven't been here in a while
  13. ^hear hear hehe love the confused emoticon, yes you'd be mad to resist :D
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