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  1. Well I'm a West Coast struttin', one bad mutha, got a rattlesnake suitcase under my arm. Said I'm a mean machine, been drinkin' gasoline and honey you can make my motor hum... Another one: Van Halen's Jump. Whenever I hear that synth on the radio, I want to be an '80s movie finishing freezeframe. JUMP!
  2. What... is even going on in that video... And why isn't Europop on my music player yet... The guiltiest of the guilty: RuPaul. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xB1w2zXeY54]RuPAUL 06, Champion - YouTube[/ame] Totes jealous of his boogie.
  3. Yes! Ugh, when I thought of the serious video they were going to do with this song I almost couldn't bear it :P So happy they went with a lighthearted version. I was smiling throughout the whole thing.
  4. Oh my god I lost my shit. This gif is awfularious
  5. I listened to it 3 times when it came out, and in the end I just felt one. Big."Meh." I've not had the desire to go back to it since. I never thought I'd be one to say "I miss the old Coldplay," but this song is so completely cookie-cutter. In this 'experimentation' it's like they've lost their identity - a reinvention gone wrong. Tryptophan sums it up pretty well. Not gonna make assumptions about the whole album because of Paradise, but I hope none of the other songs sound like this. :(
  6. Happy 33rd, Chris!!! ...Wow. It's been that long. Feel like I'm saying this to an old friend, here :P
  7. Happy birthday!! :nice:

  8. katja


  9. I really like this pic. I tore the page out from Entertainment Weekly -- it's on me door now :P
  10. I love those gifs so much. HAPPY 32nd BIRTHDAY JONNY!!! Now you can finally take that cap off... even if only to put a party hat on :lol:
  11. How the hell have I not seen this yet?! Oh my God. I saw the VLV vid when it came out and it was a bit of a disappointment to me... This video is WAY more of what I envision whenever I listen to the song. It's brilliant... wow. (I do miss the whole band throughout most of it though.)
  12. Guys -- I haven't kept up on everything Coldplay's done (bad me) -- and I am wondering, what video are these pics from? They look so cool.
  13. KM

    Coldplay - The Movie

    Guy = Joseph Fiennes ...or just some animatronics. :P
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