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  1. I went. It was good, the balloons were the best part until they popped. I was hoping that they would play A Message but they didnt. The shirts are really ugly! wtf, Its true! so suck it if you disagree. I like lights however, that was nice. and It was pretty funny when everyone rushed to get their cameras out when the message 'get your camera out' came on. AND I thought the fucking up Fix You was pretty much a predictable thing to have done. Yes, it was a good show.
  2. I really looooove blackblack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and I HOPE ALEX AND DIVA NEVER BREAK UP, i love them too much.
  3. I heard from a friend that they were going to be on muchondemand? I don't know though..and I know its so shitty but honestly, if its no show for me, i need to find another alternative.
  4. holy motherfucker, it sold out fast. I dont even know if i got the tickets because my sister is at home ordering it for me. a couple of people i know didnt get any tickets. motherfuckingcocksucker, ticketBASTARD. gosh.
  5. I am going I am going!! Oh my, oh my, this is so happily great! I posted in this thread just this morning, im surprised how fast it got to three pages.
  6. oh my gosh... seriously?? but theres nothing on ticketbastard or anywhere. ohhhhh myyyy gosh
  7. I have negatives2, but Yea, I've been looking for the song Galleria also! Its been stuck in my head for the longest time. I tried downloading it but it just repeats the first 20 seconds of the song for 2 minutes. I've partly given up searching for it. But yes, Anyone, Galleria? Sharies please.
  8. I drew a comic version of Darren and sent it to him. Then, he replied back and said he loved it and thought it was so random and thats what makes it fantastic.
  9. Yea. I found that funny but my friends didn't. Darren gets bonus points for putting blogvideos up.
  10. Who else enjoys the new video blogs? They are too silly.
  11. cuz youre filthy FILTHY, and im gorgeous mmm jake hotttt and gay=sweeeeeeeeeeet
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