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  1. happy birthday, have a wonderful day :)

  2. Snow Patrol and Martha Wainwright- Set The Fire To The Third Bar
  3. Yes thats right, gather round, I am back! Do any of you remember me? Oooh this is so new, who is everyone? Anyway I'm Sammie, I used to come here ages ago. Introduce yourself if you do not know me. ooh this feels weird. Samoo x
  4. I'm thinking of having an 'old school' night.. **digs out old cds**. I think this is my 3rd return now.
  5. Hi guys, I've just sent an email round to everyone one on my mailing list so if you've already done this then please ignore this post. I'm thinking of starting a business selling natural body care products such as essential oils, herbal remedies etc.. Now, I'm really new to this so I thought the first thing I should do is find out who my customers would be and their ages/gender etc.. Below is a link to a really dodgy survey i just made, its really crap but i need these questions answered. There's only 7 questions so it will hardly take you anytime at all. Anyway I would really appre
  6. Im going to see them simon! Havnt listend to the new album yet...but i have a copy.
  7. Yeh I know, just been doing other things, working and moving and just had a holiday too. Plus I don't really know many people around here now so when I am here I hardly ever post. :P
  8. Probably the best gig in my life. It really left an effect on me and made me think, Bob really has my attention now. Every single performer was excellent (okay maybe thats exaggerating a bit, I didnt like Dido live) and im so glad i went. Yay :)
  9. ...and its Roberto, ugh I wish it was Derek
  10. Sammie


    Its warm, way too warm, but I don't want to complain because then it wont be warm anymore. What do I do? :stunned:
  11. it probably is, and i ahve tried it, but everyone i know hasnt had a liscence long enough, i think you need to have a liscence for 3 years and be over 21 to drive with a learner :huh:
  12. yeh I mdidnt realise it was £1.50 per text until I'd already sent 4 off. My boyfriend won aswell and he sent 9 i think.
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