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  1. Big Brother 4 As it's till early days it's all a bit dull, but I'm sure once they have been there a bit longer their true personalities will begin to come through. Once that happens I can decide who I dislike the most (it's a close shave between Federico and Jon) As for our BB being a bit tame I agree. But, Channel 4 will never show sex because it's a major way to get ratings. Once it's done they have no ace up their sleeves. But, I do know that during the last BB it was not only PJ & Jade that had a fumble. there was an incident between Lee & Sophie which (no doubt) resulted in sop
  2. If you really want people to remember you then I reckon doing something naughty would do you no harm. Don't know if you have ever seen The Sex Pistols appearance on a British TV show in the late '70's but they swore and basically took the piss and it worked - front page news the next day. As for dressing up as Avril Lavigne, i think one of her is more than enough for this world. As Joan Rivers memorably said 'I can't wait until she's 18 so I can bitch slap her' Best of luck! :-D
  3. westlife are the spawn of the devil, along with Atomic Kitten. they look like three pram pushing slappers from the local council estate. Thank christ for Coldplay, huh?
  4. Howdy - Sorry if this has already been covered in an earlier thread but wondered if anyone had any idea which band we can expect as support at Earl's Court next week? I have been told Feeder but wanted to be sure..
  5. I never regret anything i do - I'd spend the rest of my life feeling guilty if i did
  6. I'm going clickin' mental....
  7. Just sent him a mail - hope it makes his (birth) day.....
  8. Earl's Court is one of the biggest arena venues in the UK - don't quote me but i think it's around 16,000 capacity. Hicksy, if I have no joy getting shot of my spares then I'll let you know! Have a good Saturday all
  9. Oh Well, never mind. I've been to a lot of gigs on my own in the past and I'm sure I'll cope but it would be nice to have some people to enjoy the gig with. Please don't think I'm a sad no-mates guy but no matter how hard I try I just cannot find anyone to come with me - and FOUR spare tickets as well!! I mentioned in an earlier post that I was selling the four spares and nobody has bitten - so If i don't have any joy I am going to take the spares with me on the night and hopefully I can make four ticketless fans very happy!!! Hope you enjoy the gig on the 16th, and if you would be so kind as
  10. I tried, and failed, to get a ticket for the show, and spent the entire night feeling very jealous of all you lucky people that were there. Bu, I have to say that having seen a couple of other bands at RAH I was not at all impressed with the sound quality of the venue. But, having read a few reviews of the show it appears that the band overcame this. I am going to Earls Court on the 17th and just cannot wait....
  11. Yes, I do think that ticket prices are too high, but when you take into account the huge costs involved with touring then it makes sense. I have no problem paying a larger amount to see a quality live band, but I do think that there should be higher profile support acts.
  12. Lewis

    Spare Tickets!!

    Can sell you two if you only need 2!! Lewis
  13. Hello. I have four standing area tickets to see the band at Earls Court on 17th April. Highest offers get them!!!
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