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  1. yeah this show sucks, but seriously funny sometimes....I haven't watched any episodes this season until last night, and this one girl, ohhhhhh man. She had long hair and had two bleach blonde braids in the front, horrible......but so entertaining. Are these people serious? I can't stand Simon or Paula, they should get some new judges cuz they are old news. Simon's such an ass and Paula is lame and doesn't know good from bad.
  2. this movie is actually really good....there's been a lot of jokes made about it, which can be funny, but takes away from the quality of the film. Plus, Jake and Heath are HOT!!! But its a really good love story, and again, shows the unfair world that homosexuals have to deal with...people can be evil. Anyways!! just my opinion, but its a good movie, deserves to be in the running for best picture. And Heath for best actor!
  3. I really liked it! I was actually really scared...thought it was good. I mean, it wasn't your typical scary movie. I enjoyed it. I'd see it again. I couldn't believe the ending!! I mean, whats that about?!?!
  4. Kenna

    Punk Rock

    okay...about those lyrics...when I was reading them, all the stuff about punk rock and justifying it, I paid no attention to that at all. But when they say "you just couldn't feel anything and you don't want to either." Have any of you ever felt that way? Because, don't you think your always feeling something? I mean, your feeling that your not feeling anything. Does that make sense? You can not want to think about things, but I think your always feeling. I dunno, but in my mind, your always feeling something, some kind of emotion. We're always some kind of emotion. I dunno...I just started th
  5. not everyone knows drugs are "wrong"...some people make think its fine, maybe its just something they enjoy once in a while. We all have our own opinions. I'm sure there's more to this than their telling us. I bet every celebrity out there has done drugs. They have the money, they go to the parties, why wouldn't they? Let's be realistic.
  6. LAME!!!! So many movies have a plot like this. Sooo lame. And Kristen Dunst, yea, she's sooo annoying. I can't stand her. And what an idiot, she broke up with Jake Gyllenhaal...I mean, that girl had it made. He is absolutely gorgeous. But I guess its good, I didn't want her with him. Hehe. I will not be seeing this movie.
  7. ok typo...I meant, you don't have to worry about getting an actual wedgy, hehe not thong. I'm tired :snore:
  8. ok this turned into the racist thread...drop that. I love thongs...you'd think it would feel like a wedgy...but you don't even feel it...you actually don't have to worry about getting an actual thong. I find them unbelievably comfy. They have the cutest one's too!! I can never decide. Anyways...I don't know what the thong song had to do with anything...so thats what guys think about all the time? Hmm good to know. Little lame. Boxers are hot on guys..only cute ones. And boxer briefs are hot on some, selected few. Hehe. This is kinda fun.
  9. yea...KingofBurgers...you might have to ditch that friend, and go see the movie for yourself...am I right?!?!?
  10. this movie is incredible...all there is to it. I love absolutely everything about it. I thought it was perfect...get the soundtrack, its amazing. I wish everyone in the world would see it...maybe some people would understand depression a little better. It helped me.
  11. uh oh! did I break a rule of making a thread that already exists? I didn't want to look around to see if someone made one already, and I don't really care. Does it matter? There can be 2. This movie deserves that. Thanks for the update.
  12. This movie was fuckin amazing. It can't be put into words, but one of my all time fav movies. I bet this movie will become a cult film. Its an independant movie...written, directed and starred by Zach Braff, the funny guy off the show Scrubs. Its about this guy, Andrew, who has been on depression medication since he was 10, and has been numb to pretty much everything in life. He leaves home to go to boarding school when he's like 16 and after starts his own life in LA. Then goes home for his mother's funeral 9 years later. Stays home for a few days and rediscovers things he missed. He finally
  13. Kenna


    haha this is funny. the penis, no offense boys, is really, really ugly. it just is. the whole idea of it is pretty sick...haha I mean, you get a boner when your horny, its just a really weird looking thing. But it does do the trick I guess. We need them all :P
  14. woof...thats fuckin sick. I never ever want to meet this man. Thats one sick son of a bitch. wrong wrong wrong. I agree david, our world is going down. is your avatar from family man? cuz thats awesome. my favorite show ever :smug:
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