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  1. click on "angry/informational clinton" in the video list here and see what the news organizations focused on.
  2. dude. seriously. thank you.
  3. holy bumping a 4-year old thread.
  4. ok, first, I have an engineering background, so I know what I'm talking about. Why would it need to be a perfect demolition like those seen on the discovery channel? Those take weeks to prepare. But they wouldn't need a perfect implosion. And I'm fairly certain Gareth has posted an article saying building 7 was closed a day or two before sept. 11th. You don't need tons of explosives to take down a building. Most demolitions only use a small amout of tnt or nitroclycerin on selected columns, with primer cord being used for everything else. Plus, the nature of a demolition is an implosion.
  5. umm, you disregard almost everything gareth posts. And he backs up his articles with facts. You just choose to ignore what he writes, labelling it liberal spin and paranoid propaganda. So that makes you sick as well, right?
  6. i've been saying ipods are crap for years. and i was usually labeled a loony. the iriver h-120/140 are still the best mp3 players ever made.
  7. A mix of the best of the first half of 2006, here, according to me Tracklisting: 1. The Most Serene Republic – Emergency Performance Art Piece 2. Band of Horses – The Funeral 3. Feist – Mushaboom (k-os Mix) 4. Thom Yorke – Cymbal Rush 5. A Lily - Lights Shone Brighter. My Delicate Sun Is My Sparklin' Sun 6. Sufjan Stevens - The Mistress Witch from McClure (or, The Mind That Knows Itself) 7. Islands - Don't Call Me Whitney, Bobby 8. Mogwai – Acid Food 9. Final Fantasy - Many Lives -> 49 MP 10. The Album Leaf - Broken Arrow
  8. The KKK, the Crusades, the conflict in Northen Ireland, and missionary imperialism are all examples of how bad Christianity is. Then there's the fact that the Bible condoned rape, murder and slavery. http://www.evilbible.com/ Just a thought on how anything can be misconstrued
  9. Making evacuees pay sparks political fight WASHINGTON - As U.S. citizens scrambled to escape the fighting in Lebanon and the Pentagon announced a massive evacuation effort, another kind of war - this one bitterly political - broke out in Washington over whether the evacuees should be billed for the costs of their own rescue. They were being asked to sign a promissory note, pledging to repay the U.S. government within 90 days for the costs of their evacuation. The paperwork in Beirut sent tempers through the roof in Washington, not to mention among some under fire in Lebanon who have been
  10. I love the timing on this one. If anyone thinks this is totally legit, they need to check the date.
  11. NASHUA – A city man is charged with violating state wiretap laws by recording a detective on his home security camera, while the detective was investigating the man’s sons. Michael Gannon, 49, of 26 Morgan St., was arrested Tuesday night, after he brought a video to the police station to try to file a complaint against Detective Andrew Karlis, according to Gannon’s wife, Janet Gannon, and police reports filed in Nashua District Court. Police instead arrested Gannon, charging him with two felony counts of violating state eavesdropping and wiretap law by using an electronic device to recor
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