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  1. Thnaks for all share, anyone has Sao Paolo ripped to mp3?
  2. Anyone compared the Love Tokyo tracks, are they actuall Tokyo or is it just a marketing to sell Buenos in Japan ;)
  3. https://picasaweb.google.com/115054676997040037088/ColdplayMXTourWarsaw
  4. WARSAW POLAND Warsaw must be the place to film :) New stadium, warm crowd, almost end of the tour :) BTW what happened to Barcelona 2009... the show was crap, hate to say it, band didn't deliver crowd also, and there where many technical issues. Wembley 2009 was also filmed... and nothing... and the Toronto 2006 still unrealeased, many $$$$$ missing from Coldplay's accounts ;)
  5. LEIPZIG TICKETS I have 2 tickets for Leipzig show this September to sell Front of stage, field (Stehplatz Inneraum, Buhne). Face value plus eventim postage costs. In Total 200 euro.
  6. Berlin 2 tikcets for sale Hi Folks, due to family matters I won't be able to go :( I have 1 ticket for the floor (inneraum) for sale! FACE VALUE (with Postage costs only) The ticket will arrive with my friend who go for the show at around 16:00 in Berlin. If you are interested please contact me: mail: itookashi (at) poczta.onet.pl sms: +48502681676
  7. Few video's: Us against the world from Open'er: more on youtube, the sound is far from perfect on those recordings :/
  8. Yes I was;) Chris took my wife's phone during Talk and sang to her brother!!! :D
  9. Open'er What a night, what a show! Well it has been the 1st Coldplay show in Poland, but it wasn't for me and my wife. We have seen them at top of their game in Germany (Leipzig 2005 - my wife claims it has been the best show of her life and Berlin 2008) average show in Hamburg 2008 (crowd!) and lowest of lows - Barcelona 2009 with many technical issues, too long breaks between songs etc.... this was something completely different. We wanted to be at the front, so we managed to get to the 5th-7th row, but during National set it became obvious the we won't last there... there was no point standing in the crowd where you couldn't even raise your hand to clap - so crowded it was! We found a little more comfortable space just on the edge of 1st mojo ring, and though we couldn't see that clearly at last we had space to jump and joy. The roar was amazing when the light went off, then it was ride! With the fireworks explosions we started what has be one of the best shows in Poland we witnessed (and I've seen a few bands). They played a Glastonbury set, so most people were unfamiliar with new songs (but still Major Minus and Charlie recived a deserved applaud!). I guess Live is for living and Everything not lost were also the lower points in terms of crowd reception, they should have swapped it for Trouble, it would have worked better with Polish audience. Still, I am surprised to how well people sang, and obviously Chris was too, asking why the manager kept them from such a great crowd for so long. Viva La Vida was an absolute highlight, the whole field was jumping up and down and singing wooo ooo ooo! Scientist singalong also was amazing. I could write and write. Clocks and Fix You with fans lighting everything possible and singing were amazing too. I must say that Every-tear drop wasn't the best closer... Chris was barely heard where we stood and something was missing... we you can't have everything, apart from that.... It was a hell of a show, though I still can't figure out why they play so short sets (1h25m), I hope they gonna come back to Poland on their proper tour. I must say that from the great arena's band they finally turned to stadium pleasers... since after Barcelona I had a great reservation about them handling such a great crowds... at least Gdynia proved me wrong. Well done boys, amazing job - festival people :) Today it's raining as hell, thank god it didn't yesterday. I will post couple of movies and pictures soon.
  10. Thrursday! Coldplay got their 2011 calendar wrong ;) Great news! Try to be there early, this year, Pearl Jam was headlining 1st day of the festival and there was an enourmous que for the obligatory wristbands - 1st day + biggest star... with coldplay i expect it to be even worse ;) anyway VIVA LA OPEN'ER
  11. Dear Spanish friends, I'm willing to visit the beautiful city of Barcelona to see Coldplay... and I've visited the livenation.es, and caixa and 2 more sites with tickets, and as far as I'm concerened I've 2 major problems if you would be so kind to help, I would really appreatiate it :) 1) LIVENATION.ES it has a CRAP ticket sale programme... where you don't know what you are buying... 5-6 types of tickets but no map attached... so which ones are the ones for PISTA/PELOUSE or GA.... whatever you call it... IT DOES HAVE A COURIER DISPATCH though... it cost a hefty 25E... ridicilous but ok... can someone identify those types? 2) OTHERS There is a map, and you can choose PISTA... for 51,50e... but if I understand it well you can only collect those tickets in Barcelona with the same Credit Card that you used via internet... so now, what if... in not too distant future U2 announcec tour... and f.e. plays on that day in my country... and I decide to go for U2.... instead of Spanish affair with Coldplay.... I will be unable to sell the Coldplay tickets.... coz I won't give anyone my credit card to collect them!!!! .... and I will lose my 100euro.... which is a lot of money... HELP! That spanish system is really hard.... I believe it's well anti-scalpers... but ANTI foreign fans also!!! HELP HELP HELP!
  12. for christ sake, is the DVDplayers market in US retarded or what?! I keep reading warning about pal etc.... Folks every common player I know here in Europe Plays fine both NTSC and PAL?!the region might be a problem but less and less players do have the f*ing region lock installed. for singles in UK try http://www.reflexcd.co.uk (much cheaper shipping than Amazon UK) but I'm affraid they've ran out of stock - regarding Coldplay singles
  13. here's the TALK clip when Chris took the phone from my gril: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=W2UGP3GC Oh brother....
  14. Thx knoxoverstreet Glad you like the photos! I got the eska file already, but I guess you could post a link here, shall anyone like to hear it :) I will upload the avi with telephone soon
  15. And the last 2! Thanks guys for great show!
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