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  1. the Four Songs EP (2002) and Time Without Consequence (2006) are his only two releases. The Four Songs EP is almost completley sold out so if you're interested in a cheap, but AMAZING cd i'd recommend you get it here... http://cdbaby.com/cd/aleximurdoch preview clips on that website too :) also check out his website http://www.aleximurdoch.com and try searching for him on YouTube, some great live videos of him... if you do get to hear him, please let me know what you think :) this dude is one of my absolute inspirations, he inspires me to be great! :) :) thanks, louis.
  2. shiver guitar - chris' acoustic part hey guys. tried searching around for a TAB of Chris' acoustic part in Shiver but can't find anything :( There WAS a pdf of it that someone put up on rapidshare but of course that's expired now. Done a few searches around the net for other tab sites but they just don't seem to sound right. much appreciated louis.
  3. hey guys. was checking out the old Johnny Pedal Board thread and became very interested in the big looking box on the board like so... Tried searching around for this switch/selector like thing but can't really seem to find anything like it at all :S or anything as big anyway... or have I got the idea of that big box completely wrong... any words about it would be good :) thanks, Louis.
  4. i did manage to find one thread about this tune but the link had expired on it. anybody out there able to help me? much appreciated, louis.
  5. Hey guys. Tried searching around for this but can't seem to find anything :( seems the PDF was also deleted on rapidshare in the sticky thread. looking for some "For You" sheet music or chords. hope to hear from you soon :) have a great day! louis.
  6. Hey guys. what's the lyrics to the live version of life is for living? (with the "in the end...." parts? thank you :) louis...
  7. hey there! I'm in Melbourne! Which part you living in? What kinda stuff you into and waht do you play? PM me too! ^^
  8. haha true it is more complex and right but i'd still to get a copy of the real sheet music if anybody has got it? :) Thanks Luigio.. i knew there were some notes missing from the main chords
  9. has anybody got scans of the scientist from the real book (not the arra. by Ludy version... sorry Ludy!) There are some bits missing from that and i've been looking everywhere for the real thing! Thanks in advance! Louis.
  10. good post alex and welcome to the forum! I'm very interested in building my own pedal board. this is awesome. very interested in that selector too. It's a cool idea eh :) Hope you enjoyed the Arco gig last night!
  11. hey guys. I'm doubting it but does anybody have a tab or something to sleeping sun? fallin in love with this :) i'm guessing it's with two guitars. thanks in advance! louis.
  12. came someone please re-upload the sheet music for white shadows? says it's been deleted :( thanks in advance and have a great day! :P
  13. 8176 miles (13158 km) (7105 nautical miles) i'm the farest so far ^^ lol
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