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  1. I hate this show. I swear to god I hate this show. I will never love another Stark. :cry:
  2. Apple is going to look JUST LIKE THAT when she gets older. Her mini-me indeed.
  3. Just saw IM3. Pepper kicked ass in the end. But the movie overall was kind of.. meh. The first film is still the best, I think.
  4. Gwyneth looks just like Apple in that photo with her mom. Or perhaps it's the other way around. :lol:
  5. Robert, why are you so awesome? lol. He adores Gwyneth. You can tell.
  6. Now that is a great poster! I can't wait. The new trailer is awesome. Lots of Pepper/Tony. <333
  7. Jonny boy! That lovely smile. His style has improved tremendously over the years. I'd like to think the wife had a little something to do with that. lol.
  8. Is that a cheetah next to Guy?! Two of my favorite things! <333
  9. I don't like that poster. She looks sad. Which doesn't bode well for Tony. And that ESPECIALLY doesn't bode well for Pepper and Tony.
  10. I love GP, but if she were to add ten more pounds to her frame, that toned body would look killer. She's too skinny now.
  11. What an episode. My homey T-Dog and then Lori. Rick's reaction is what truly killed me though. I didn't love Lori, didn't hate her either, but the loss of her will drive him fucking bananas. I keep rewatching the last scene when he breaks down. Heartbreaking. Bravo, Andrew Lincoln. That was some fine acting.
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