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  1. Holy crap..i think i know you...??

  2. I wish I could have a bag full of those butterflies!!! All the versions of this song are great. When I hear it, I like to pretend I'm Chris playing the keyboards. And it always makes me wonder about how beautiful can Osaka sun be :rolleyes:
  3. if you can change the time zone, the picture will change sooner.
  4. Time goes by so fast! AROBTTH is my favourite album from coldplay's stuff for all the things that happened with the songs playing at the background. And also clocks, best song ever, is on it. I think at that time, on 2002 (10 years?), I wasn't really interested for things like music and I hated english. So, I listened to Coldplay and all that love for english I have now started to grow up. And the cd is very important for me 'cause a very special person gave me on my birthday a couple of years ago.
  5. I'm really loving all the design of the site. And the notes wrote by the own band with that funny handwriting and the drawings of tv's, cameras and pencils. So beautiful!
  6. What a bad thing! Maybe time can fix the troubles between Guy and Jo. At least was in amicable terms and he's still seeing baby Nico. Perharps there was many things going bad, like Jo's shop. I really wish they can be happy and finish it in a good way, but the band and fans are supporting them.
  7. First time I heard Coldplay was because of my uncle, who had Clocks on a cd he gave me. It was great, I couldn't stop listen to it. First time I saw them was... I guess was In My Place video on tv.
  8. This is stupid! I feel so embarrased as chilean the newspaper was La Tercera and El Mercurio Mercurio always says rubbish about Coldplay and their concerts were great Chris, don't care about these things.:) Chris is more that a cute man, is very talented, smart, has a good voice.... They know that. And always with politics. Stupid journalists...
  9. This is great! Congratulations! Seeing these pics I like more the X&Y Special Edition. So now I have to wait until it arrives to Temuco, in the soouth of chile.
  10. If Chris would raise the colombian flag, I'm sure all chilean fans go for him and kick on the ass, hahaha:laugh3:. Another band made something like that. Will is our hero.
  11. yeah. http://www.rockandpop.cl click on "escucha on line"
  12. sorry. Now: - 1:20 hrs. of concert - they played what if, don't panic and high speed - was amazing
  13. Stupid sound! i can't hear, but the recorder is recording, hahaha
  14. ehh!! They started to talk about the concert!!
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