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  1. rolling stone gave it a fair review i think
  2. Its an avicii song featuring Coldplay, it shouldn't be on the album IMO. Though I really enjoy it, its not very good live (from the few performances I've seen)
  3. both of these 10000x. I don't know how they'll play any of these except Stars in concert without boring the crowd. This feels like a chris martin solo project more than a coldplay album. Not to be rude, but my expectations were somewhat lowered once I heard Magic as their first single
  4. What time does Coldplay come on stage Im tailgating at the Philly show as we speak. Just wondering what time Coldplay comes on stage? Thanks !!!
  5. half way through it now...a very interesting interview.
  6. the posters i have my fav one
  7. nope (but my grandparents live there...ha) im from Lancaster, PA. christina - i saw you looking at those concert pictures....i was the tall guy in the brown X&Y shirt lol.
  8. haha nice to meet you (unofficially lol). My name is Colin. When I saw you i was kinda taken back lol. Your quite attractive and your VLV jacket was very nice ha
  9. ah what a great show! sadly my seat wasn't as good as the hershey show..but still a great time nonetheless! coldplay_is_louve - i believe i saw you before the concert...if you were with another girl and you had glasses on... if that was you, i apologize for not saying hi (but i wasn't sure if it was you...and i didn't know your name lol)
  10. Hmmm I think I saw you! Did you have sunglasses on the top of your head lol
  11. Just relooked at my ticket and it says section 100 ( got it for birthday present, thought it was pit) :-/
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