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  1. Wow, Chris explained in the SiriusXM interview that "O" is about learning unconditional love and wanting someone to be happy no matter what they choose, obviously in this case, letting them go even though you still love them. OMG, that's so personal and so beautiful. It makes me love this gorgeous song even more than I did before.
  2. This gives me hope that I may not have to wait a week to get my Target pre-order. But, no, I haven't gotten it yet and there's no tracking information yet. Did yours come UPS?
  3. I feel like this was a glimpse at the 'real' Chris vs. the persona he has created for the public. I've always found him hysterically funny but I think that was just his way of keeping up a facade to protect his privacy. I think it shows personal growth & strength to be able to expose your underbelly, so to speak. I hope the haters cut him a break for once.
  4. I think this is some of his best vocals in years.
  5. I love it but I agree with those who said that the lyrics are uninspired. However, I think it showcases what the band does best -- they make simplistic sound epic. The melody is pure & simple, while the background layers build and add texture, without becoming overpowering. And Johnny shines from 3:10-3:36. I'd love this to be a glimpse into #6, but I don't want to get my hopes up. This was written for a specific purpose and I bet they were given direction as to the mood of the song. The movie is the focus and the song had to compliment it. Also, Chris's vocals are great. His v
  6. Not so sure. It's considered bad luck to have a horseshoe pointing down.
  7. So much for the goofy story that Beyonce was begging Gwyn to spend the New Year in Vegas with her. :rolleyes:
  8. I get the following whenever I try to open the Wiki: "Website blocked by TrendMicro Titanium Internet Security 2012 Address: http://www.wikicoldplay.com/ TrendMicro has confirmed that this website can transmit malicious software or has been involved in online scams or fraud." It gives the option to open the page despite the warning and, honestly, I haven't done so. I'd love to use the Wiki but I don't know what to make of this so I've stayed away. I get the same message if I try to open The Gallery and other "sister sites."
  9. I am fascinated by creative minds and artistic people. I'd ask Chris: "Have you ever suffered from writer's block where you feel pressured to write something new and it's not happening or do you always have ideas for songs in your head?"
  10. Thanks for sharing! The wait for #6 is going to be excrutiating, especially hearing how excited he is about it!
  11. So pissed, mine hasn't showed up yet.
  12. Unfortunate picture framing -- she looks like she's wearing a goat on her head! :D
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