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  1. Im sketched about this.. on ticketmaster it makes the presale clear for wednesday at 10am for all the shows.. but the montreal one.. Has anyone called ticketmaster..? or done this before... is the presale right on ticketmaster or do you have to go onto AMEX... ? :thinking:
  2. Coldplay and Pills? Alright now don't get all upset and jump on me for even suggesting it.. But with the way coldplays image is transforming.. at least it seems.. with the sneak peek video.. and the exhibition room stuff.. what kind of influence do you think they might be on.. If anything! Im just looking to see what kind of debate may come up.. Iv never taken a pill in my life or done anything worst then the typical Canadian pot smoker has done... But I know friends who have popped pills and come up with colorfull dreams/ images and ideas... We know its heavily debted into the music sce
  3. TORONTO HERE I COME!!! Just got 2 GA tickets off EBAY for 190 a piece... pretty happy.. not sure how the GA will work.. are ppl gonna be camping outside or whats the deal.. i wonder how many GA tickets were sold... cant wait tho
  4. LIT2..... just incredible... not much i can say other then wow.. Top 3 coldplay songs for me. I just love it. Postcards is an incredibe masterpiece. Glass of Water is fantastic!!! such a great mood It just makes me smile Rainy Day....a bit dissapointed. Starts of very misty however it really turns into something different! Will grow on me within an hour. Prospects March... again very different. What we expected. Nice feel to the song. Gives me shivers Lover in Japan... definitly enhances the song, however I hate songs like this just added to the Ep's. Same with Lost. Definitly didnt need
  5. when is the official deadline.. Is it december 5th?
  6. HIIIII Last night was awsome!! I got Guy's set list and also the set list on the right side of the stage under the piano for chris!!! ill have to take pictures of them! I also got a guitar pic which was lieing on chris's setlist... Had floor tickets row 23.. Unfortunatly my little brother who adores coldplay.. (and who got the ticket after i had given it to my girlfriend!!) wasnt feeling great so I was a tad distracted but it didnt break my spirit. The guys played great .. seemed to be bang on throughout the night. Something about Ottawa which these guys like that keeps them coming bac
  7. thats all wrong... i work at scotiabank and was told Coldplay arrives today at 2pm.... I was there again today and saw all the trucks unloading. I think there was 8 or more trucks!!! lots of stage hands... im so excited for tomorrow.... Anyidea what time coldplay will hit the stage... it says 730 but im guessing thats when the opening act will go on??? CANT WAIT!!!!!!!!!
  8. hopefully they will play Glass of Water ... debut happened last gig! check it out on youtube.. several videos available
  9. I got row 23 seats 1 and 2 on the isle so closest to B.... Im really excited.. now comes the desision making of desiding who will be coming with me.... only the biggest fan can be chosen and I still havnt desided which friend is worthy....!!!!???? Going to be great tho cant wait!
  10. this is their best live performace that i have seen them do to date for LP4
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