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  1. happy birthday, have a wonderful day :)

  2. they're coming to Aus again! to NEWCASTLE! ...SNOW PATROL! and... i can't go. mum said no. :thinking: :cry: ah well. lovely pics and stuff everyone. :nice:
  3. i got ATGHK (hee:nice:) last week, and i adore it, lots. :D it's the only cd of theirs i've been able to find anywhere. i'll be tracking down the rest though, definitely - i've got quite a few random tracks i downloaded before i bought Glass Handed Kites and i love everything i've heard of theirs. Mew = very wonderfully refreshingly differently GOOD! :nice:
  4. seeing Joshy in August!! :nice::nice::nice: can't wait. he's supporting the John Butler Trio. i've already seen JBT but i'd like to see them again, and with Joshy playing as well i thought it was a must-see :) can't wait.
  5. kekitaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! what a lucky girl you are! :D sounds like you had an awesome time seeing Joshy...thankyou for the review...glad you had a good time! :nice: i'm still yet to see him live...i can't wait until i do. thankyou for the article Ian - tis great. :nice: Clock On/Clock Off just came on my computer. :) joshylove!
  6. I LOVE GOTYE! :D the man is wonderful. thanks for the heads up with his tour kekita!! i can't believe i hadn't heard. i hope i'll get to go...it'd be such a good experience, specially since he NEVER tours. muches bumps for this thread! everyone into something a little bit different, check him out...he's unique and very very good. :nice:
  7. well done for bumping :nice: Evermore are lovely. but just thought i'd add - they're actually from New Zealand :P but it's ok, because what do you call a successful New Zealander? An Australian. just kidding Kiwis. :nice: Evermore :thumbsup:
  8. ^well done for getting the album kekita! :D he is such a wonderful songwriter. my absolute favourite (along with Daniel Johns). i hope to write songs half as good as Joshy does one day.! awesome news too, the album was one of the first J Award nominations for this year! :D along with JBT's Grand National. well done Joshyyyyy:nice: oh and no, i'm not lucky enough to be seeing him on his tour kekita :cry: oh well, i'll make sure to see him one day! anyways i'm seeing Missy Higgins in two days and Silverchair in a week, so i shouldn't complain! :nice:
  9. i really, really, really like this band. :D
  10. these guys are awesome! listening to Hospital Beds right now...really, really good stuff. gorgeous pics in this thread too, congrats! :D
  11. please die, Ana, for as long as you're here we're not. you make the sound of laughter and sharpened nails seem softer and i need you now somehow...
  12. ^he was wonderful on jtv wasnt he!! oh do check out his album Annie, i'm sure you'll like it :nice: and see if you can also get your hands on his older EPs: Feeding The Wolves and Recordings 2003-2005. they are well worth it too if you like him! :heart:
  13. ^ that's great Annie! :nice: i seriously had NO IDEA he was gonna be on Rove!! i've been away on hols since Wednesday, and i was watching tv last night (i got home this afternoon) and i forgot that Rove was on and and i flicked over and JOSHY WAS ON!!! i was delighted. BUT the guy that was singing harmonies was singing too loud/had his mike too loud, and was singing over Josh, i thought :angry: but it was still good, Josh was still wonderful!! :heart::heart:
  14. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JACKY:nice: hope you had a rad day :D
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