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  1. That was an amazing show! Charley, my friend and I talk to you a little bit, I remember you were making a joke about Chris Martin xD. I also had the chance to meet Chris after the show. He signed me an autograph and when he gave it back to me I said "Gracias" (I REALLY don't know why this word came out of my mouth :dozey:), anyway he laughed a little bit so it's not that bad :laugh3: ! He seemed to be really tired but was really nice with his fans. And Gwyneth was really friendly, smiling and waving at everyone.
  2. arrival time 1st row coldplay show Hello everyone ! My friends and I are going to see Coldplay in Bercy (Paris) in December and I'd like to know at what time do you think we should arrive to get a chance to be in the 1st row ? Thank you :)
  3. Actually I don't believe this !! I think the dream of this kind of journalist is that chris become really "rock'n'roll "(for me he is ;) ) so they invent stories about him being drunk etc....:dozey: (I hope you know what I mean because I have a bad english :rolleyes: )
  4. Clocks Green Eyes / A Message
  5. Happy birthdaaaayyyyyyy Mr Martin ^^ ! ;)
  6. maybe they had an argument after the show :confused: :shocked2: ....
  7. I'm wearing my CP T-shirts today !!! he is blue with the 4 jumping !
  8. awwww I'm so happy for you !! I can't stop smiling !!! you're sooo lucky :D
  9. OMG that's sooo funny !!! :P :lol: !
  10. signed ! I hope you will meet them !!! good luck !! :)
  11. Once I dreamt that gwyneth was on a TV show and the set was like a zoo and she was dress like a seal and act like a seal.....when I woke up I trough I was insane :P lol !! that's not really a coldplay dream but I don't remeber them :( !
  12. yeah that's true ! poor Will :stunned:
  13. oh yeah that's a good idea but I think after a six hours gig, Chris will be very very very very exhausted !!! that's too much for his little heart :P
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