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  1. Great! This is one of my favourite books too. And so is this one. Hope you enjoy! Red Dragon is quite the page-turner, but it isn't such a great literary piece of art; I have the same feeling as I had when I read ASOIAF - I keep reading because I want to know what happens (and also I don't know how not to finish a book even if I dislike it), not necessarily because it's a very good book.
  2. Watched e12 yesterday and wtf was Verger eating his fucking face, man
  3. If you allow me a question, why do you prefer known authors? As for your question, have you read His Dark Materials (it's a trilogy), by Philip Pullman? You could call it a 'fantasy book', but the feature I found most interesting is its view on religion.
  4. A Devil's Chaplain, by Richard Dawkins and The Gates, by Chuck Wachtel. It's the first time I'm reading a book by Dawkins and I'm enjoying it a lot, as I'm interested in scientific reasoning, how to spread knowledge and how to be aware of ideas that might be misled however widespread they are. Nevertheless, I find that Dawkins is a bit impolite at times; he could very well, I think, get his ideas across without phrasing them in an offensive way. The Gates is also very eye-opening. To be perfectly honest, I saw it in the bargain shelves of a bookstore and it was cheap and big (I'm on a stude
  5. Fucking hell, how come I didn't notice this? It's brilliant! Yeah, too few episodes. Is there going to be another series? I was thinking that too, but I was so taken aback by E10 that something even more surprising may come up? And, in the beginning, I was asking myself the same question, but the series is so good, so who cares :lol:
  6. Great, thanks :) :lol: As far as I recall it wasn't *that* bad, but it must be pretty annoying to have tons of tweets with the same RT. And also, it's their *personal accounts*, which shouldn't get spammed by fans, even if it's nice to wish someone happy christmas :lol::lol: Also, I'm voting for Twisted Logic in the poll, because damn this song is awesome, but quite underrated.
  7. If you allow me a suggestion, I'd keep it low-profile. It's not because we're trying to get a nice message across that this means we're allowed to cross some lines, as implied in 'make a big stand'. The initial idea of contacting Debs sounds about right to me. Also, maybe it's nice to recall here that in the past we didn't exactly display exemplary behaviour -- we sent tons of tweets, both to @coldplay and to personal accounts of the band's crew to wish them happy christmas. Please, let us not do this again, ok :)
  8. The world's end - 6/10 - Lots of clichés and not that funny. Her - 9/10 - Very delicate movie; I liked how it doesn't take for granted that nowadays' technology ruins human interaction, as is the common belief, and suggests instead that it introduces different kinds of interaction and experience.
  9. T'is true! I think he managed the higher notes quite well and the transition from a lower register to a higher one very well too (not sure if I'm using the terms correctly).
  10. As the ammount of views doesn't have a direct (if any at all) correlation with the quality of the song and of the video, I'd say, who cares whether or not the video to-be has more or fewer views? I was thinking about this precisely. I hope it won't be just reckless people dancing around as if nothing else in the world matters because this is just like 1 or 2 thirds of videos released overall.
  11. Thanks a lot, Marc! It's very nice to have the forum working and to talk about Coldplay and other things, specially in such exciting times.
  12. I liked the song a lot. It has a lot of popular appeal (which is *not* necessarily a bad thing), but without the poor lyrics in Paradise, for example (ASFOS is far from genius, but it's better, at least). I can't assess Coldplay's intentions as to why they release songs like this and I'd like to stay away both from accusing Coldplay of fabricating songs with the sheer purpose of topping charts and from placing the band up on a pedestal -- "Coldplay are saints completely detached from musical industry". I'm no psychologist, but I'm not naive either, so all I can say is that I enjoy the so
  13. That's a nice idea. Thank you! Hope it works. Suzana Brazil X&Y is the very first album I loved and the one that introduced me to music. Furthermore, I was a teenager then and loving the album and Coldplay helped me define the individual I was becoming then and the one I am now. I've gone a bit of a long distance from that point, but I shall always cherish X&Y and its influence as I tried to set my principles and perspectives as a person growing up. Actually, to this date, from time to time, I feel the urge of listening to the album or at least to some individual songs.
  14. Nice! Congrats, Céline! And thank you, Marc, for the addition and work during these busy and exciting times!
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