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  1. are the interviews finished on radio 1 and xfm??? I think i missed them.I want a recording badly.:( There are some restrictions for the people outside of UK to listen to XFM interview. EDIT: never mind,i found the download links.
  2. What are those stills of Chris and Jonny??Is it from any new video? If so please can some one post a link to that video?
  3. Even though i don't really actually never liked the whole "rap,hip hop genre of music" except Micheal Jackson as how Chris also likes very much,and also i never appreciated Jay z, Beyonce,Kanye West etc. as some one else also said here,i still liked to see this only for the sake of Chris.I am just missing him so much to watch and read every new thing that comes out about him except his personal life gossip. Any way i really enjoyed watching Chris staying very close to me now,performing in Bronx,NY Yankees stadium.:)So happy for that.
  4. Well sorry^ Yeah fortunately as i was in US it is working for me now. I saw everything just now. Thanks any way for helping.
  5. Sorry i didn't understand what you said. If you don't mind can you please help by giving some screen caps to show how it can be done to create a account there and access the Coldplay's account.
  6. Please some one explain to me in detail how to create Ping(Itunes10) account? I really don't want to miss any of their studio work being such a big follower of their music.
  7. ^thanks.:)I just found that yellow video was fully uploaded. But thanks any way.
  8. are there any videos uploaded here from this event? I just tried to watch one but it ended only half. And i don't have quick time player to watch it on the website.
  9. Chris is there in New York????? Well when some one's question was answered by oracle i didn't believed it totally then.
  10. Is Chris there really in New York?? I love his curls:) ,don't want to go through all that gossip but just want to know where he is staying right now.
  11. That dressing of him was very perfectly perfect! Its nice to see him wearing a beanie hat and the jacket i think i have the most similar jackets as those he wore and also similar type of beanie hats with me.But except the colors are different. And also so nice to see Chris new pictures frequently these days.:)
  12. its very painful and depressing to say goodbye to this incredible tour.:embarrassed: I have never missed any part of it since the band starting the recording of the Viva la vida album to the end of the tour.And also so many sentimental things in my life attached with this awesome tour ever.
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