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  1. Okay, so normally I go completely crazy about everything Coldplay related. I always pre-orders albums in the officlal shop, even though I usually get the items a few weeks after release. And I always order the limited items, even though my experience is that 'limited' is not so 'limited' at all. For me, limited is like 1000 copies, or something. Not endless amounts that are still available after a few years. So. This week I was taking some time to decide which verions to pre-order: the regular vinyl, because I actually prefer the blue color, or the limited vinyl, because, you know, it's
  2. Isn't is possible that it's just a track with a hidden song, just like on other albums?
  3. Allright, now I want to stop myself from listening to any more singles. Otherwise I will already have heard too much, and the album release will loose it's element of surprise for me. The first listening experience is gold for me. So I probably will say goodbye to this forum for three months, in order to prevent myself from listening anything πŸ˜‰
  4. So, if I'm correct the only difference between the Infinity station edition and regular edition is this, right? "ALL OF THE ABOVE ELEMENTS FEATURE A SPECIAL SILVER PANTONE PRINT ON OUTER SURFACES, WITH MAIN TYPOGRAPHY USING THE 'INFINITUM’ LANGUAGE" I hate choosing between different vinyl and CD versions... and can't decide which colour I like, because the "exclusive" is clouding my judgement. πŸ™„
  5. I'm trying to decide if I want to listen to any new singles before any album anouncements are made. Normally, I let myself listen to the first single, because there's a chance of hearing it anywhere (radio etc). and then just wait for the album, because I really like the experience of listening to an album for the first time. Mylo Xyloto was one of the least fun album releases for me, because they had already played so many songs live, there wasn't much surprise left in hearing the album. Especially because most of the songs that I didn't know back then were the parts like A Hopeful Tran
  6. I've been following Coldplay as a huge fan since A Rush of Blood and I can't remember ever seeing the band so excited to perform live again. It makes me want to see them live again so badly, I really can't wait! And I'm already having stupid thoughts about how I maybe won't be able to get tickets, or won't be able to go to the concert for some reason. It's driving me crazy, even though there's no tour announcement whatsoever. πŸ˜… Coldplay hysteria...
  7. I agree, this video is something they've never done before. It's obvious the budget for this one was just a little bit bigger than for, let's say, Yellow πŸ˜… Because someone earlier said something about Chris walking just like he walked on the beach for Yellow, I was looking for more similarities to previous videos. Here are some things that reminded me of earlier videos: At 1.16 you see Chris backwards like a broken record. Obvious Scientist vibes. At 1.27 his hand moves reminded me a bit of Viva la Vida. On the other hand, these are just Chris moves I guess, just lik
  8. Maybe a stupid question, but.. When I want to watch the BBC show I still get the popup that I’m not in the UK.. where did you all watch the show?
  9. I love Chris’ new dance move. This part makes me laugh πŸ˜ƒ
  10. Iβ€˜m glad we also got the livestream link for today, because of all yesterdays issues. Anyone else watching the show on repeat now? πŸ˜ƒ
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