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  1. So tickets are only available for Citi Card members right? Then there’s no point in trying for me.
  2. Chris said they maybe will come to Belgium (touring) in about 18 months or two years..?! https://qmusic.be/nieuws/chris-martin-verklapt-aan-maarten-dorothee-over-anderhalf-jaar-kom-ik-naar-belgie
  3. So Chris just told Qmusic Belgium that they will probably tour in about 18 months or two years! https://qmusic.be/nieuws/chris-martin-verklapt-aan-maarten-dorothee-over-anderhalf-jaar-kom-ik-naar-belgie
  4. I would like a hard copy, can I buy one online from outside the UK?
  5. It's finally on youtube. So beautiful! :heart_eyes:
  6. I'm confused, shouldn it have to be online right now?
  7. Well that's just fake news then, isn't it? :D
  8. Although I didn't like the interviewer at all, I really enjoyed watching this interview. I understand your comments. To me the guy felt so pretentious and snarky. He cleary didn't know much about the album, and was also very scornful (if that's the right word?) about Chris' answers and "self deprecation". He came across very arrogant, I think. But I really enjoyed the way Chris openly talked about his youth. Although I had read before about his troubles as a teenager, I have never seen him adress this in an interview. And also, it just makes me happy when he talks about the fire inside him
  9. Check this out!! [MEDIA=instagram]B5qGJR1KjsF[/MEDIA] View: https://www.instagram.com/p/B5qGJR1KjsF/?igshid=1qjgafpqegoys
  10. Did anyone see this? [MEDIA=instagram]B5qGJR1KjsF[/MEDIA] View: https://www.instagram.com/p/B5qGJR1KjsF/?igshid=1qjgafpqegoys
  11. There must have been something in the universe, haha. I received my vinyl today :)
  12. Good advice! I have emailed them as well, and got an email today that my shipping costs will be refunded as well. Although I'm a little bit worried now about the pin, because the exclusive version with pin is the only reason I pre-ordered it at all.
  13. I think he was clearly joking around..
  14. I'm really digging this song "Together in electric dreams" :D:laughing:
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