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  1. Yes, but to me the β€œthis might be our last record” does feel different to β€œwe will make 3 more”. Because Chris has always explained that the first statement is more a state of mind, to put everything they have into the album. Now it feels like they really have thought this through. But we’ll see. From now on they’ll be full of surprises, right? πŸ˜€
  2. Will there be anyone queuing early (GA ticket)? I will probably attend this concert alone, so maybe it would be nice to meet up πŸ™‚
  3. Exactly! I actually wouldn't mind if they quit at their peak. I would be much more sad if they some day turn into something I don't like anymore. Also, the statement of Chris about hoping to be able to tour "like the Rolling Stones" is not something I really like. I'm not sure they can still create the same energy and vibe when they're in their seventies as they do now. But we'll see! Apart from this, I can't rΓ©ally imagine a world without Coldplay. Ofcourse this would make me sad too. Just like sometimes I wish I lived in the sixties, to be able to see the Beatles live, etc. But the
  4. I just bought the normal Stehplatz, so around € 110,-. Luckily I will all have forgotten about the money next year!
  5. I can't believe it, I just got tickets for Berlin and Frankfurt!!! So excited!!!!
  6. Anyone here trying to get tickets for this show? I'm afraid I won't get a lot of sleep tonight. πŸ˜…
  7. Oh, anyone else having trouble downloading the digital download that comes with the vinyl? I wanted to download it this morning, but it says: Your redemption code hasn't been recognised or is no longer valid. πŸ˜•
  8. I just can't help it. Even though there are some songs that I would normally never listen to, I just can't be really objective when it comes to Coldplay. I love this band too much. These whole new worlds they created, the interviews, the positive attitude of the band. Yep, love is blindness. So this album makes me happy. New music, new songs, and as always, the best, most beautiful singing voice in the world! (When it's not pitched πŸ˜„)
  9. (Anyone else also already having troubling sleeping? πŸ˜… I WANNA KNOW, WHEN I CAN GO... back to see Coldplay liiiiive!)
  10. So there's early access for UK and verified fan for USA shows. What about the shows in Belgium? I can't find anything about a presale there. I want early access too! πŸ™
  11. Not excited? I've been counting down to this Friday since the release of Higher Power! I've taken the day off work Friday, so I can spend the whole day listening to the album, watching interviews, live performances, etc. πŸ˜€
  12. I don't think that's leaking, but just teasing. Creating the hype!
  13. No way! I have pre-ordered the special edition CD, but will buy the vinyl in a local store next friday. I have only listened to Higher Power and Human Heart, and I’m so excited to hear the new album for the first time. For me, the first listening experience is always special. Looking through the artwork, hearing the new songs in high quality on my soundsystem. Also, I have taken the day off, so I will watch all the tv performances back that I’ve missed because I didn’t want to hear more new songs. So releaseday is a complete Coldplay day for me 😎 No way would I spoil this experience
  14. Please tell me what the performance was like yesterday! πŸ˜€ I hope you had a great time! The Shepherd's Bush Empire show has me going crazy for days, I can't think about anything else but seeing Coldplay live. So I'm very curious about the remark they made about a world tour? πŸ™
  15. So is there any point in trying to get tickets for the Shepherds Bush show when you’re not from the UK? Is it even allowed?
  16. Wow, that’s great! Enjoy! I’m keeping my fingers crossed for some show in Holland, any time soon πŸ™πŸ»
  17. Bauk

    2022 Tour?

    There’s no point in trying to get tickets when you don’t live in the UK, right? I’m from the Netherlands.. I hope this early access system works though. Finally something to reward fans by providing a better chance of tickets.
  18. Just finished rewatching the Zane Lowe interview (GS era) for the 100th time. My heart still breaks every time when I see the look on Chris’ face when Zane plays O. I really feel like he is fighting back his tears. To me, this really shows he’s just a human being like the rest of us. (Sorry, I realise this is in no way related to this topic)
  19. Thanks! I don't really understand how this can be real, since there will only be 5000 copies and unique polaroids included.. How is this possible, when it's not from the Coldplay store? Even though I'm wondering about this, I still couldn't resist... 😳
  20. Does anyone know where or when the Howard Stern interview will be available to watch/listen?
  21. I’m pretty annoyed that there still keep coming different versions. Why not announce all of them at once? Now i’ve already pre-ordered, but I would’ve loved this truly limited and numbered version. Now it’s already soldout anyway πŸ˜”
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