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  1. There is an America! The United States of America? Thats where I am from. There isn't countries inside of the U.S., theyre called states. Im from New York State. understand?
  2. i love will....Happy Birthday to Will! ik, im a few days late but oh well
  3. America rocks, sorry if you dont agree with me because so many people hate America. Anyways, I LOVE Coldplay...everything about them. Chris is my hero lol, Guy has good fashion sense, Will seems pretty kept and funny, and Johnny is well umm quiet? I dont know much about him. I completely fell in love with X&Y when it was released. I loved every song the first time I listened to them. Don't ask me what my favorite album or song is becaue I wont be able to answer that question. Every song is my favorite and I adore all three albums. I'll adore all four albums soon :D I am so pumped and pschy
  4. My favorite person in Coldplay would have to be Chris of course. I love all the albums and don't have a particular favorite one.
  5. No, sorry, I'm not Canadian either. I'm American and I just can't seem to find one that is American! I love British Columbia by the way
  6. mhm I love Coldplay :) Cannot wait for the 4th album!
  7. omg! i love this man!:D i would kiss him, but hes married:\ slight disadvantage...
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