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  1. Yes, I saw your posts. That's why I asked them :) They said pre-sale order for overseas customers will be available on Dec 1st. You won't need a Japanese address this time.
  2. I didn't apply my ticket from live nation so I don't know what's happening! A certain amount of tickets is allocated to each sales phase I think. You can ask them by email! [email protected]
  3. I asked Live Nation Japan. They said they will accept application from abroad from Dec 1st!
  4. They use the lottery system for pre-sale tickets. You can apply at any time until 21 Nov. If you want to apply for Live Nation pre-sale tickets, you should sign up "My Live Nation" by today. http://www.livenation.co.jp/artist/coldplay-tickets http://www.coldplay-jpntour.jp/
  5. This is the list from "COLDPLAY MUSIC VIDEO SPECIAL". They just aired official videos before "COLDPLAY LIVE SPECIAL 2016". I couldn't watch the special because I don't get the channel but I heard they broadcasted Viva La Vida, Adventure Of A Lifetime, A Sky Full Of Stars and Up&Up. And Chris said he hoped to come to Japan next spring! Btw I'm Coldplay5D on twitter. That video snippet on the 2nd post is not from the Japanese special. That was aired on NTV not on Space Shower TV (Pay-TV channel).
  6. Hi. I'm Japanese. I'm a bit late on this one, but I just wanted to say that I don't see any Japanese elements in those pictures. They don't look like Geishas, Samurai, or Ninjas to me...
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