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  1. That's Munich :angry: If I wouldn't be living here, I'd rather go to any other city. Munich seems to be the most expensive location of all for some reason...
  2. http://www.ticketmaster.de/event/coldplay-tickets/198819 The prices are just ridiculous: Sitzplatz PK 1 136.90 EUR* Sitzplatz PK 2 113.90 EUR* Arena Stehplatz PK 3 108.15 EUR* Sitzplatz PK 4 90.90 EUR* Sitzplatz PK 5 73.65 EUR* VIP Early Access 228.00 EUR* VIP Hot Ticket 257.00 EUR*
  3. A few pictures from front row :)[ATTACH=full]4975[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]4976[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]4977[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]4978[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]4979[/ATTACH]
  4. Alright, I can live with second row :P I was worried there might be so many VIP tickets that the first few rows are occupied. I'll try to be at the venue at noon/1pm, looking forward to meeting some of you :)
  5. It's past 6pm, so everyone who didn't get a mail by now was too late, like me :( I would have loved to go, you don't get a chance to appear in a Coldplay Video every day :disappointed:
  6. There are VIP early entry tickets? Oo Great, why did I pay extra for a FOS ticket if there are people who get in earlier and therefor even closer to the stage? This system sucks, the people queueing the longest should get in front, not the ones who pay the most -.-
  7. Hey, ich drücke dir die Daumen das du nach Hannover kannst. Meinst du es würde sich lohnen auch so dort hin zu fahren oder Statist zu sein? Meinst du es würde sich draußen mal jemand blicken lassen? :) LG

    1. *Becky*


      Hey! Dankeschön, hat aber nichts geholfen :/ Wenn du in der Nähe von Hannover wohnst kannst du es ja mal versuchen, aber ich denke die Chancen die Band außerhalb der Eishalle zu sehen, sind sehr gering. Die werden wohl durch den Hintereingang reingehen und rausgehen, wie bei den Konzerten aus. Ich fahr jetzt nicht extra hin, das deprimiert mich nur wenn ich nicht reinkomm :P

  8. Still waiting for the email :/ I hope they're still busy sending mails :worried:
  9. Thanks everyone for the photos, videos and reviews :)
  10. Thanks for all the info! I'm really excited about tomorrow though waiting outside in the rain for hours doesn't sound like much fun. Does anyone know if we are lucky and there is some kind of covered area in front of the doors? Looking forward to meeting some of you guys tomorrow:) I'll be in FOS2 rechts
  11. I have a spare standing ticket for BERLIN's Olympiastadion on the 29th of June (regular eventim price)...
  12. I have FOS2 as well... that's ridiculous, why do you call it front of stage if it's not infront of stage?
  13. I panicked during the pre-sale and bought a wrong ticket (normal standing instead of FOS)... if anyone wants a normal standing ticket for Berlin for the normal eventim price (€ 91,55 = 86,65 + € 4,90 delivery), please send me a pm!
  14. Oh god, that was awful :veryangry2: I tried eventim and got a Gelsenkirchen FOS ticket, but the FOS tickets for berlin were gone... i panicked and bought a normal ticket instead and didn't think about checking ticketmaster first..now I have a FOS ticket for Berlin from ticketmaster and need to sell my normal standing ticket for Berlin. I should think before I buy tickets... Have you all been lucky?
  15. I'll get Gelsenkirchen and Berlin FOS on eventim... I hope it doesnt take too long to go back and select a second ticket before paying...
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