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  1. I bought a ticket yesterday for the Cinemaxx Munich. As I don´t want to bother my partner or friends to accompany me, I go all alone. There will be lots of Coldplay Fans in the Cinema I guess, so I don´t see any problem in going on my own.
  2. As I have never been to a concert in the US, can anyone tell me, if people stay seated during the concert? We don´t have chairs on the field in Germany and are dancing and jumping… I have no idea what a concert with seats is like.
  3. Are there any toilets Outside the stadium for the people who queue early?
  4. Ok, thanks for the info. Which date are you going?
  5. Haven´t been to Stade de France before. My ticket for Pelouse states that I am Secteuer EST , Porte B. Does that mean, this is the Entrance I have to use?
  6. I think the dates in the thread titles are wrong, concerts are in November not December.
  7. It seems that they have many tickets left, as I got an email from them today, stating that I can invite 2 more friends to the concert. I only have to add their name and Email online to a list. So if anyone is interested and wants to come tomorrow just pm me.
  8. Any Updates about the length of the queue? Nearly there...
  9. Visited the stadium today. Last day when access was possible.Will be closed from tomorrow because of the preparations for the concert I was told. Took a photo of the stage (not finished yet)
  10. I also won 2 tickets! Hope they will at least play 1 hour. As the G20 summit starts the next day, many hotels are already fully booked others are quite expensive. (E.g.180€ for a Holiday Inn)
  11. Hi, anyone of you knows or have a guess in which Hotel Coldplay will stay in Frankfurt?
  12. DHL just threw it in my postbox without any signature, as I wasn't at home when it arrived. It was kind of an harder envelope no real parcel . The tickets are not nice, just printed on ticketmaster ticketpaper.
  13. I just got an email, they shipped my Frankfurt tickets today.
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