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  1. I prefer your radio, mine plays it until your sick of it and I hate that.
  2. I voted 10, it's not overdone, short and sweet. The most emotional and uplifting song on the album too.
  3. UWTB is the best song. Great musically where the "Eno fairy dust" actually dosent seem OTT, Great lyrically and perfect length.
  4. Chris's Lyrics have improved I think, this song especially. Im just sad no one noticed. (critics and all that)
  5. This song is so amazing, such a great closer. Hope they play it soon!!!
  6. ^ I heard POC around October time before Paradise. Then Paradise came and they played both, then a lot of Paradise and a bit of POC. Now lots of POC and Paradise still. Wierd Radio Station, I know.
  7. Hollywood Bowl would've been the best in my opinion.
  8. http://www.nme.com/news/tinie-tempah/63596 Rapper also says he's been listening to Lana Del Rey and Lykke Li for inspiration Tinie Tempah has given an update on his progress in recording his second studio album and has revealed that Coldplay frontman Chris Martin has been "a big influence" on the record. Speaking about the album in this week's NME, which is on UK newsstands and available digitally now, the rapper said that his new record has a "progressive quality" and features a number of high-profile guests. Asked if Dizzee Rascal and the Coldplay feature on the follow-up to 'Disc-Overy', Tinie replied: "Everybody who I've said before and who you've mentioned I've been in with, whether they've vocal-ed something or listened to something or even mentored. Chris Martin has been quite an influence on this album." Then asked if the record sounded at all like Coldplay, the rapper said: "It's definitely a lot more progressive in the quality of the sound. I've been listening to Lykke Li and Lana Del Rey, the dynamics of the sound, how big and anthemic it gets."
  9. Politik is the best song EVER!! My favourite, they should've taken out Yellow or In My Place. It looks like they want to play only the singles:(

  11. It has been 3 years though, maybe that played a part. Even though they released PM.
  12. The artwork is horrible as is the Paradise one. The front cover is cool, but the artwork....
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