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  1. Right! My understanding is that the band would love to play @ the Superbowl as it would mean tremendous exposure. But pay for play I don't think they'll do. They don't need it that badly.
  2. For all we know, they've probably already communicated and settled it.
  3. It's not 2 hrs of Chris, Chris' part start at 8P but show starts at 7p
  4. So we're going to hear the rest of the songs today. How exciting!
  5. That presenter is a fangirl, she cried, probably thinking of what the song means to Chris????
  6. It's the news. Right now they are discussing a political topic. How to get France out of debt more or less. Coldplay will be in the entertainment segment at the end of the program.
  7. Felicitations, Celine! The whole program starts at the top of the hr. So we should find out soon.
  8. grrrrrrrrr it's going to compete with 60 Minutes on CBS stations in the US. Hopefully, many viewers will tune in. Should have been on Monday the hr before The Voice, but then again, GS will have already been released on that Monday 5/19. I wonder what usually runs on NBC stations on 7p Sundays?
  9. 2 songs are probably going to be Magic & Midnight. Can they possibly talk Chris into making fun of himself and Conscious Uncoupling? SNL is notorious for that. I don't know if they've already done a skit about it.
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