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  1. A friend of mine went to Glastonbury with his family and wants to find a framed print of the band for his sister's birthday. Anyone got any ideas where to look? He lives in the UK and he's got about a month before her birthday.
  2. Sorry some of you had bad experiences with the crowd. My first Coldplay show was at the arena in Newcastle (forget the name - Telewest???) Three people behind be were drunk as skunks and I sat through the support act convinced one of them was going to throw up on me! Fortunately for me, they were so drunk they decided in the break that they could light up spliffs and get away with it. Security pounced on them and removed them on the spot. How such a nice band attract such idiots is mind-boggling at times...
  3. Ah, I wondered what else was going on in Manchester last night - I've never experienced traffic that bad before. Another reason to hate Westlife :veryangry2: :P
  4. What a night - this was my tenth Coldplay show and definitely one of my favourites. The last time I saw them was last summer at T, I couldn't get tix for the winter shows and almost didn't make it to this one - finally managed to get tickets a few weeks ago when the very last ones went on sale. That meant I was sitting right at the back, and I was going with a colleague from work who was only a passing fan, so I guess I went in with low expectations - I've been at the back of stadium gigs before and the atmosphere has been a bit flat. No such problems last night! First of all, I think Robyn
  5. Lore and I have no idea about the matches each other made - that way, we still don't know who our own Secret Santa will be - but every year, it always ends up that one couple are each others matches. It's like destiny is determined to introduce you :laugh3:
  6. Thank you, Christa, we try our best. We share in the joy of seeing people post pictures of their cards :) and we feel their disappointment when cards arrive late :(
  7. Hello again, Your Secret Santa was wondering if you have recieved they card yet?

  8. Ooh, it arrived just in time! Glad it got there in one piece, hope you enjoy the pudding :)
  9. Hi, Just had a PM from your Secret Santa - your card was sent 3 weeks ago so it should arrive any day now :elf:

  10. Thanks for letting me know and thanks for taking part. Happy Holidays :elf:

  11. I'll just say again that mail always takes longer at this time of year, so if a letter normally takes a week, you can expect it to take a fortnight right now. On top of that, there ate the delays to all incoming mail being sent to the states. Please be patient, guys, and if you haven't sent your card already, get it sent! I've had a few PMs from people saying "I just need to get something to put in it" Trust me, your match would rather receive a card for Christmas than wait for something extra in the New Year! If you have a genuine reason to not be able to send your card, let me or Lore
  12. Thank you! Decided to send a little taste of home to my match, but as we Brits are not known for our cuisine, he might not enjoy it :lol:

  13. You'll probably think it tasts odd too, but it's what we all have for dessert on Christmas Day so I thought I'd let you try it :P Merry Christmas :elf:
  14. Hi everyone! Just spoke to Mimixx who sent some non-Santa mail from the UK to the States last month and it hasn't arrived. She contacted her Post Office to ask about the delay and apparently all overseas parcels are subject to extra security checks at the moment. This is going to cause a delay on any mail going to the US and may affect outgoing mail to. If you haven't got your card in the mail yet, do it today or tomorrow and please try to send it via AIRMAIL
  15. There is someone called l0wxo2 on board. Lore will be able to confirm who sent it to you :elf:
  16. So cute! Thank you to Twisted Mind :) As others have already said, all we ask is that you send a card, everyone knows not to expect more than that :) This is why we nag people to get it sent in plenty of time (well, I nag, Lore politely reminds people :rolleyes: ) Mail often takes a lot longer to arrive at this time of year. Don't panic, I'm sure it will get there :)
  17. Thanks for letting me know, and thanks for taking part :)

  18. Hi there, A couple more Card Sent arrived in the Santa account last week - all from your half! I think on Wednesday I'm going to send PMs to anyone from my group that hasn't confirmed their card is on the way... Als :)

  19. We're over the halfway point: 29 letters on their way, 27 of Team Europe still to post or let us know they're on their way :elf:
  20. Great to see so many cards being sent, and some are now arriving too :D For those of you who haven't been to the post office yet... :whip: Post your card as soon as possible and try to use AIRMAIL Thank you :elf:
  21. Thanks for letting us know, that's 20 cards on their way from Team Europe :elf:
  22. Thanks for taking part :)

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