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  1. Definitely 'How you see the world'... will change tomorrow without doubt!
  2. Yeah, it was totally fantastic! Especially when it gets all 'rocky', the crowd started jumping like crazy!
  3. Yeah it should just be our boys man!!!!
  4. Heya - nice avatar :) welcome!
  5. I wish I had the money - there are so many albums I wanna get!! *curses her money box* Why cant it magically fill with tenners and twenties?
  6. My mum sat me down and gave me a serious talk about me being.. "obssessed" avec Coldplay .... she offered to put me in a mental institute :confused: As long as it were filled with Coldplay fans and music I'd be fine... ohhh and spring rolls..
  7. Mmmmmm yes back to his scrummy little *bites air* man he is just sooo fine..
  8. *nods nods and nods* cant help but wuv him!
  9. Awww he looks so dreamy... and yeah he has aged.. but he looks more.. "MANLY", growl... But his eyes still look so innocent .... :o
  10. Lol.. I have a deep loathing of Gareth... I'm not sure what it is.. I think it's cos he looks.... 12 :/
  11. Awww thats a cool interview - I wonder if he cooks naked?? :wink3:
  12. I dont like thinking about a world minus Coldplay - it's just not right!
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