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  1. happy birthday, have a great day! best wishes :hug:

  2. Happy birthday. :)

  3. I would pay a bill with it. Responsibilities suck.
  4. I, too, enjoy the musical stylings of Mr. Andrew Bird. One of the things I particularly like about his lyrics are that they are based in mathematics and science. I think he is so interesting. I can listen to his music for hours, either alone or with Bowl of Fire.
  5. Yes. They're from Chicago. I am not particularly a fan, but I have lots of friends who are. Their brand of "jam band" doesn't do it for me.
  6. We gained an hour tonight with Daylight Savings Time coming to an end. I ought to have used my "free" 60 minutes doing something important. Rather, I have been bored all night. It's 4:20 a.m. here! Someone, PLEASE entertain me?
  7. The shows in Los Angeles on Tuesday and Wednesday were really special. It was difficult to see the videos of Dave, Carter, Stefan, Boyd, Rashawn, and Tim from Tuesday night, especially. "Bartender" as the opener was definitely one of the most emotionally charged versions I have ever heard. While it was performed (by all band members) under duress, the intensity in that place was palpable. It was like you could actually hear the energy in the air...perhaps that was LeRoi. Are you a Bela Fleck and the Flecktones fan, as well? Jeff has been the best possible temporary replacement for LeRoi du
  8. Inside sources have, unfortunately, been claiming that the South American tour may be canceled. But, sources have been wrong before. I hope that this is one of those times! :\
  9. Really? I always thought that death was a myth! I do not feel the need to explain my grief to you, but, I would like to know where you get off questioning it! I think it was highly insensitive for you to even bother responding in the way you did. Regardless, I am sad for you because you know...you're a jerk.
  10. Day two. Still doesn't feel real to me yet.
  11. I am in some serious shock. After all the shows I have been to, it's like losing a part of me.
  12. I giggled, but I think it is because I am delirious from lack of sleep.
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