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  1. pretty egocentric IMO, but an incredible guitar player - really like his new live album "Where The Light Is"
  2. 2732 - i have the same av at another forum i post on very sad day for the dmb community - i remember seeing 'roi in person close up twice, he was really shy but he still waved and smiled - he was only 46 years old, much too young - gonna go listen to #34, maybe a little you never know, tons more DMB - RIP, Leroi
  3. Leroi Moore, saxophone player of Dave Matthews Band has just passed away after complications following an ATV accident - DMB's always been my favorite band, terrible to hear about Leroi - thoughts and prayers to his family :(:( http://cvillain.com/2008/08/19/dave-matthews-band-saxophonist-leroi-moore-has-passed-away/
  4. thanks for the comments everyone:D
  5. in music theory, that's a I IV V progression, very typical indeed - there are some basic "rules" to follow when writing chord progressions, they aren't always true but usually they're good to follow - an example would be a V going to a I, that happens all the time in music - also, a lot of rock tunes have i VII VI, whereas the lowercase "i" is minor (all along the watchtower, stairway to heaven come to mind) - if you don't want to get into music theory though, just find chords you like - the more you practice, the more you'll find chords that will fit well - but theory helps a ton:wink3:
  6. not how chris actually plays it, but i had fun - thanks for watching! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J8ckee1nKCE
  7. i try not to judge a concert by its time, but rather the number of songs played and the quality of the performance - coldplay played 23 songs in philly (if you count the talk remix and the escapist) - that is a ton of music for one concert - i've been to a fair amount of dave matthews shows which tend to last much longer than 90 minutes, but they take a few minutes between each song - at the philly coldplay show, they had so much energy, were running everywhere, and started each song almost as soon as one had ended - so it's gonna be a quicker show because of all the energy, but well worth it
  8. isn't it about paltrow's father dying? i think i read that somewhere? i can definitely see chris not wanting to play that very often if it brings up bad memories
  9. honestly, i think VLV is their strongest album - 42 is terrific live, especially when the tempo goes up - also, they're probably tired of doing the same X&Y show w/ fix you, SOS, SITS etc...and it's not like they've completely abandoned them either
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